"What do you mean by the boss?" While waiting, Luo Zhenfeng and them chatted again.

July 2, 2024

Xiao Bai is sure that "there is definitely something wrong inside. I estimate that this Xuanning can’t move or it won’t work."
Ling Yunzhi does not believe that "even if the silver dome is a magic weapon of that level of defense, it is impossible for us to keep attacking Kuang Xiaobai without resistance. You just said that they said that their magic weapon has not finished refining and that Xuanning consumes a lot of money every time he takes the fairy."
Xiao Bai said, "Then why don’t you say the boss moves him?"
"Well ….." Ling Yunzhi paused for a while and finally said, "I know what the boss is thinking, and the boss won’t explain it to us this time."
Several people talked again, but the tsunami never spoke.
Luo Zhenfeng said, "Are you playing dumb or playing dumb? Talk! !”
Tsunami has really been meditating, and among people here, he has some talent in this complicated thinking, and he can think if he is really quiet.
Just now, before Wentao and Xiaobai went to find out the situation in front of them through spiritual knowledge, everyone was hidden in several huge trees, and then they arranged the law inside, which was safer. After all, it was not short, and brothers passed through Kunlun from time to time everywhere.
Just now, when everyone got together to discuss it and then dispersed to wait for the shot, the four of them just sat together to discuss it.
This tree is more than ten meters thick, and it is easy for four people to sit in it.
The tsunami gave Luo Zhenfeng a middle finger and said, "I feel … it’s a matter of time …"
The most critical part of surprise action is not the moment of action, but the preparation before action.
If you are prepared enough, the final action will be very short and follow suit.
This is the effect of Wentao, because he has been familiar with the surrounding situation under the leadership of Xiaobai Spirit. During those ten hours of observation and waiting, he has been constantly simulating this action in his mind.
"It’s not good to have enemies …" Xuan Ning’s core fire elders and wood elders are sitting right beside them. Outside, there are some five-robbery scattered immortals and some Kunlun brothers in the distance.
When Xuanning took fairy wares from Kunlun Mountain again, Wentao took the people from Shuxin Clinic to do it.
They rushed through a gap at the fastest speed. It is naturally impossible to deceive each other at this speed. However, at such a close distance, they found that when Wentao rushed from both sides, people from Shuxin Clinic had already rushed through their prevention area, and the first wave would not contact them first.
These people immediately notify everyone around them through consciousness.
The wood elders and the fire elders took precautions first. Almost as soon as they were informed of the danger from the psionic knowledge, Wentao had already rushed to the crowd with people.
Ling Yunzhi and Ling Lan transform into the strongest power at the same time. Oriental Sword and Kong Wenhao attack the wood elder Ling Yunzhi, and the four of them aim at Xuanning.
"Boom …" The first wave of attacks roared together. Although the fire elders and the wood elders also fought back, their counterattacks were all blocked and their roots could not escape the positive and powerful attack.
The fire elder himself made a black fairy with fire like black charcoal, which blocked the Linglan blow after transformation.
However, Wen Tao’s thunder and the red shirt and the dead wood sword both hit him hard, and he directly flew the fire elders like shells.
The flames soared, burning everything around hundreds of meters in the battle, and everyone didn’t care about this scattered extreme fire.
Mom, there’s still the middle fairy armor Kunlun Sect, and it’s really rich. Just now, the fire elders were killed without a blow, but this guy must have been seriously injured, whether his strength is worse or he has only fairy armor. If three people attack at the same time, they will definitely die.
Before flying out to get rid of the fire, when the elders fell, Wentao Tianlei had been bombed again.
Mouth spray blood chest fire interweaved by lightning almost pierced his chest. Even if the defensive fairy armor is amazing in defense, it depends on how to make it, just like the real silver dome of Chunyang, although it is fierce, it is still in Biqiong’s calculation of losing spiritual wisdom. The surge of power almost impacts the robbery of scattered fairy.
But even so, it can’t stop many masters from bombarding at the same time.
It’s lucky that the Fire Elder tried his best to defend against the attack of Linglan, and he was able to save his life after being hit by the Red Shirt and Wentao Force.
Forcibly controlling the sword to block the thunder, slightly delaying Linglan and the red shirt once again rushed to the crowd. The melee power of the two men was amazing, and even Wentao was unwilling to fight with them because of the combination of the lightning furnace tripod and the lightning golden body.
Many changes have taken place in just one martial arts scene.
Just now, I found out that Wentao and his men had inserted five bullet scattered fairies from the gap and chased them from behind. When the fire elders were bombarded, Luo Zhenfeng and his four men also hit Xuanningshen with a single blow.
Great power let xuan ning body sway a did not move.
"Shit, it won’t be so abnormal." It has turned into Ling Yunzhi. Some can’t believe that the four of them are converging. Although it is not as strong as Wentao and Ling Lan and the red shirt, it is definitely not something that ordinary people can bear.
But Xuanning was not greatly affected there, but she looked surprised.
Lin Ruxue and Kong Jie will be the first to come here. Two masters of five robberies and scattered immortals will stop them from chasing the tightest. If they are not stopped, even Wentao and Luo Zhenfeng will find it difficult to finish their first strike and exert their power.
Luo Zhenfeng, they are going to start work again. Kunlun sent many younger brothers to come, especially around five robberies and scattered immortals. More than a dozen flying swords rushed across the sky like dragons.
Luo Zhenfeng can’t take care of Xuanning any longer. Kong Wenhao, the elder of the wood, and the sword of the East are hard to kill quickly, but the elder of the fire is not so lucky. He has been directly nullified before the rescue arrives.
However, many flying swords struck around to kill the fire elders and get the ring. The fire elders Yuan Ying quickly flew away from Wentao, and they were too lazy to pay attention to it.
Of course, the fire elders can escape Yuan Ying in this situation because his own strength is strong enough and his magic weapon is strong enough.
"Protect Xuan Ning and stop them …" Yuan Ying, the elder of the fire, quickly fled to the back of his brother and immediately drank and informed them of the elders of the soil.
Elder Tu, they came here as soon as they received the notice, and at the same time, they cursed this … What’s going on?
First, Wentao came to Kunshan Mountain like a robber to clean it up and make it look like a wasteland. Then, it caused the Kunlun Mountain to collapse. Now, someone dares to besiege the Kunlun Sect and blow it to the ground. This … This can sneak attack and seize the treasure in the hinterland of the Kunlun Sect.
"Kill …" The elders of the earth shouted at the speed of flying swords.
Don’t say it. It’s far away. Even the recent Wentao didn’t give them a chance.
While taking the ring of the fire elder, Wentao has drunk a "walk"