"Slow down … you all go back first …" At this time, a little bit fine, a little hoarse and a low sound, and the lawyers and the people next to them suddenly withdrew in case of Amnesty.

July 11, 2024

With the voice, a middle-aged man in his early forties, a grade, came in with a paper fan in his hand. This man is the third largest shareholder of Sihai Group and the only one who can withstand Ding Hu except Hailong, the chairman of Sihai Group.
"Tiger, your temper should be changed. Why do you call Hu Wei? Are you going to attack Anyang police station?" Gu Siyu said gently fanning the fan.
Ding Hu eyes a stare "impact and how a small police station in those days, you and I three brothers can even kill back and forth in the prison on death row. We have never seen the third scene. I think you are used to being afraid of things in recent years. If you hadn’t held Xiaobao down, how could you have been up by them? Now you don’t let me exercise. As a result, mom kicked her nose and a small policeman dared to make my son suffer. Now we can’t easily see and eat. All of them are pigs and dogs are not as good as food as those prisoners."
Gu Siyu nai pointed Ding Hu "Tiger, tiger is the boss of the sea. No, otherwise I think you have to be beaten again. What are we three brothers afraid of? But is it necessary? Xiaobao has only been driving drunk for more than ten days. What is it if you rob him out? Are you happy to let him go the same way we did? Don’t you see what’s going on? Things have gone so far that everyone is staring at them, and according to our information, the Secret Service has often appeared in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and Linhai recently. This is not a good sign. It took the boss so many years to completely clean us up. Is it worth the risk if it is not necessary? "
"But that little policeman is really hateful. If he dares to make Xiaobao suffer, I will kill him and let Xiaobao stay for a few days, but that little policeman must kill Boom …" Ding Huqi said with a fist, his fist was separated by half a meter, but he directly bombarded the collapsed rockery and was blasted even more.
Gu Siyu Yinyin smiled, "It’s simple to kill a small policeman, but now it’s not the time to wait a little. After this storm, find a chance to kill him. You can’t let Xiaobao do it yourself. You can come to bring up the rear so that Xiaobao can practice his courage. Then I’ll plan to do it cleanly. The boss of the sea won’t say anything."
Liu Taiming, the original Lin Dong himself, would come to see him as soon as he arrived at the police station. Unexpectedly, Liu Taiming didn’t come until noon when he was about to rest. He simply talked with Lin Dong and then turned the tables.
"Lin Dong, you see, there are still a few days to go before the first appraisal test. This time, it is the city police test to get the name of our Anyang police station. We want to reflect the combat effectiveness of our Anyang police station. You should not go to the traffic police force for mobile rotation during this period, and then make other arrangements after the first test." Liu Taiming did not say what work he would send to Lin Dong. He also had his own calculations in his heart
Before Lin Dong said anything, Liu Taiming had said, "You have done a very good job this time. I have suggested that you be promoted to the chief of the clinic. It is estimated that it will be approved soon. And if we can get good grades in these three tests and appraisals, the bureau will also apply for a special contribution award, and it will not be a problem for you to be a second-class superintendent."
These things Liu Taiming has come out in front of Dai Yijia, so it is natural to do it. Otherwise, there is no way for the leaders to explain that since Liu Taiming has to do it, it is natural to sell his personal feelings, and now it is justified. Although he and Dai Yijia were both eaten by Lin Dong this time, it is also a great contribution from the current propaganda orientation.
From another angle, Liu Taiming is also very worried in his heart. After all, Wei Bin is also a policeman. Although he vaguely knows it, it is not convenient to take care of too many things involved in it. However, Lin Dong’s noise also makes his people know that the police in Anyang police station are not easy to mess with.
Lin Dong is holding words in his shoulder at this time, because his legs are shaking constantly. He is pressing one hand on the uncontrolled thigh with violent shaking and the other hand slowly applying needles to his legs.
"It feels okay to test these acupuncture methods when relying on fetal interest surgery. Now it is really necessary to use silver needles to acupuncture and realize that the reaction and strength caused by these acupuncture points are too great. It is better to be careful." Lin Dong thought to himself to gradually control his trembling legs
At this time, Liu Taiming didn’t finish Lin Dong, but he probably knew what it meant.
"Good to know" Lin Dong said that he had hung up the phone and carried his fingers, such as running fetal breathing to slowly control the fast trembling leg. This is caused by giving too much strength to the leg and the external force to promote the muscle strengthening exercise frequency too fast.
On the other hand, Liu Taiming suddenly stood there. Although he has always been cautious about Lin Dong, how to say that he is also his direct leader, but now it seems that he is his own leader and reports to him himself.
Think about yourself. It’s most suitable to do this all afternoon. I also think of many changes. For example, Lin Dong asked about Ding Bao, asked about the handling of vehicles behind him, and asked if Dai Bureau had any instructions. He must be worried after he installed Dai Bureau, or he made arrangements for the work behind him …
As soon as Liu Taiming thought about the coping method, Lin Dong hung up after hearing Liu Taiming’s words, which made Liu Taiming very depressed.
Chapter seventy Hundred meters speed
When I got to work, Lin Dong was really able to control the footsteps, but I could clearly feel that my strength had increased. However, Lin Dong became more and more cautious. Even if the fetal interest surgery gradually became operational, some acupuncture points Lin Dong did not dare to easily use a large number of silver needles or strength.
The mystery of the human body is just like the universe, which makes the abortion work. The acupuncture points in these pictures are like the trickle of a stream, and finally the water is getting bigger and bigger, rushing out of a river and waterway. But directly making a silver needle is like making explosives. If Lin Dong doesn’t have the abortion, then marking these acupuncture points in these pictures is not something to save lives, treat diseases and help boost strength. That is the best way to kill people.
Moreover, this killing will be very cruel. Once the power points in these acupuncture points, it will be like a bomb detonated by a human body, or it will instantly detonate the most mysterious forces of the human body. Unless the power is ten times stronger than that of the other party or can directly prevent the other party from touching the body, the power roots that erupt cannot be suppressed by ordinary experts.
Suddenly, Lin Dong’s mind moved to think that when he played against Sun Zhen on the same day, his knife cutting method was general, but one of them was obvious to himself. Several acupuncture points were almost the same as those in a picture here. Is this guy using this as a secret to kill people to practice? Well, Lin Dong thinks it feels right. That’s true
Although I didn’t go to the patrol car in the afternoon, Lao Zhang came to the clinic when I first arrived at class. His expression was full of excitement and he took Lin Dong to a primary school playground. At this time, there was no one here after school.
"Look at it for a moment" Lao Zhang threw a stopwatch into Lin Dong’s hand and then got to the starting position. He was very excited and shouted at Lin Dongdao "anytime"
Lin Dong didn’t care about Lao Zhang’s training during this period, but let him train by himself. Seeing that he is so excited today, I can see that it must be a breakthrough and an achievement.
"Good that preparation …"
As soon as I heard Lin Dong say, I’m going to prepare Lao Zhang for the most standard 100-meter race posture in track and field. I’m going to take a serious deep breath, and then I’m going to steadily lift the center of gravity of my hips and move forward to form a body posture in which my hips are higher than my shoulders and my shoulders are over the starting line. At this time, Lao Zhang has achieved the goal that his weight is mainly supported by his arms and front legs, and the angle between his front legs and his legs is about 9 degrees, and that between his rear legs and his legs is about 11 degrees and 13 degrees. Now I’m just short of feet. I have
Looking at Lao Zhang’s sample, Lin Dong couldn’t help but stare blankly and almost laughed. It’s too exaggerated, isn’t it?
""but see Lao Zhang so serious Lin Dong immediately shouted a.
As Lin Dong rang, Lao Zhang immediately rushed out like a gust of wind. His hind knees with his feet pedaled forward, while his front legs quickly and forcefully extended his hips, knees and ankles to send his body forward. At this time, Lao Zhang’s front legs pedaled at an angle of about 42 degrees and 45 degrees, and he leaned forward to the ground at an angle of about 15 degrees and 2 degrees to sprint quickly.
Lin Dong now speaks Lao Zhang thoroughly. This is the most standardized gesture of the Ministry of Education, which makes him thoroughly speak.
However, when Lao Zhang reached the end, Lin Dong pressed it, and then Lao Zhang quickly turned back, although he was a little asthmatic, but it was also good.
"Shout … how about …" Lao Zhang gasped at Lin Dong’s stopwatch face. "Lin Dong, did you see that I have entered the 10-second, 9-second, 6-meter speed this year? My best score in my own test is 9-second."
Lao Zhang was so excited that he took Lin Dong’s hand and said, "Lin Dong, do you know what this concept is? I can run out of this achievement anytime and anywhere. I feel that I can definitely enter the 100-meter 9.7-meter world champion Bolt, but the 100-meter is only 9.5. I can’t believe it myself. It’s incredible. I am 43 years old this year. If this thing goes out, it will definitely shock the world. I feel that I have a chance to get close to the world record."
Lao Zhang was more excited than excited, only to find that Lin Dong had been watching him and had a strange look.
"Alas," then Lin Dong was very headache, rubbed his temple and shook his head to himself. "I’m too careless and too relieved to let you train for so long. It turned out that this achievement was much worse than I expected."
I’m excited and excited. Lao Zhang just stood there stupidly. Is it okay to listen to me?
Lindong dialect is like forty degrees outside in summer, suddenly thrown into icehouse, and it’s completely stupid.
He is very suspicious that he must have misheard him. Now he is close to the world record of the 100-meter champion.
How can Lao Zhang Bai Lindong feel at this time? He wants to make a world 100-meter record breaker for Anyang Police Department. It seems to him that after combing the meridians with his own strength and so long training, acupuncture stimulation and drug assistance, Lao Zhang’s speed should be no problem to reach 9.5 seconds, but now it is the first time to test and evaluate in three days. The Shenzhen-Hong Kong Police Department will test and evaluate in three times. The first wave of participation must be relatively strong and first-line personnel with certain confidence.
People in the back want to put it off until the wind blows over and then do something about it. After all, things will be easy after the limelight has passed.
"Lin Dong, are you kidding me?" Lao Zhang looked at Lin Dong and said
"You know that the world record is the palm of your hand. I hope everyone knows that the so-called limit of the record is also the limit of ordinary people." Seeing Lao Zhanggen’s disbelief, Lin Dong was too lazy to explain more. He handed him a stopwatch and said, "Watch it."
Took the stopwatch until Lin Dong walked to the starting line. Lao Zhang didn’t react. Looking at Lin Dong casually, Lao Zhang looked at him again for a while.
"Prepare …" Lao Zhang looked at Lin Dong Lin Dong and looked at him.
When Lao Zhang blurted out Lao Zhang, he felt that Lin Dong was dozens of meters away in a flash. When he saw the figure flash across the finish line, Lao Zhang quickly held down the stopwatch.
"Five seconds two" Lao Zhang’s mouth doesn’t close properly. It’s almost twenty meters a second. Is this still human speed?
Chapter seventy-nine Have something to ask for
At this time, Lin Dong has already walked away. "Nothing to see is not necessarily the truth, but to hear is even more so. People who have truly surpassed this power will not perform, and even more will not be known by ordinary people. Forget it. Since you have failed to break through nine seconds and five words, you should control it for about ten seconds when you compete. Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense to make a sensation. When the time comes, you will naturally take care of yourself. After all, you have broken through the limit and belong to the ranks of ordinary people."