"I should say this …" The cockroach refused to kick and pointed to Wu Xin. "You are so mean."

July 10, 2024

"Wow, you’re so ashamed. I didn’t move my hand. You called me mean?"
"Yes!" Yo-yo stomped on the cockroach’s face. "I thought you were an attractive and uneven mortal, but you were a liar."
"I …" Cockroaches turned into white light.
Fifteen minutes later, when the cockroach arrived at the dock again, it could not find the information of the dread number on the dock, and people had left without paying attention to their own boats.
Chapter 30 Xiaoqiang spirit
Poof …’ Dragonfly Observatory suddenly smiled.
The waves shivered and asked, "How do you feel?"
Friends trail "I’m a little cold. Sister Dragonfly has laughed for the third time for no reason."
"I ask someone!" Bai Wen pulled the rope up into the water and Wu Xin asked, "Do you have it with you?"
Wu Xin was puzzled by a tuna in the water outlet and asked, "What?"
"You’d better go!" Bai Wen sighs that you can also play this.
Wu Xin is exercising diving skills, which can be upgraded to a higher level for one minute, but it is necessary to exercise before, so Wu Xin came up with such a way to tie himself up and throw himself into his hand. Every minute and a half, Bai Wen is responsible for picking up Wu Xin to breathe, but after practicing for less than half an hour, there seems to be no movement. Wu Xin can’t help but wonder whether it is ineffective or not. After several tossing and turning, Bai Wen was too lazy, so Wu Xin was able to give up his practice plan.
The bow wave shouted "Yes, yes!"
"Although the boat is a little big …" Wu Xin said at the bow, "If there is not a chat system, what will you say?" He played with dolphins and dozens of dolphins jumped around the dread. People guessed that dolphins were in danger when they met. Of course, dolphins in China have always been auspicious animals, especially for fishermen. Dolphins will also guide the boat to avoid the storm and guide the lost boat. It seems that some Chinese people won the Oscar for the best documentary film because of their extermination and humanity slaughter.
"It is said that there is a 24-level blue weapon professional boatswain who wants to join our fleet. He wants to pay no wages, and he doesn’t sell, and he promises to follow the instructions after retreating before the charge. In addition, he promises to pay for the meal." Langdao "If we are willing to accept him as a new crew member, he will also give us two gold gifts each."
"…" People looked at each other.
Wu Xin asked, "Which mental hospital did Lang run out of?"
"I have the same opinion as you," Langdao said. "But this is the fifth element."
"oh? What idiot has such a big face for a small fan to introduce? " Wu Xin was surprised.
"Of course it’s not an outsider, it’s her brother," Langdao said. "Do you know who it is? It’s that cockroach guy we killed at the dock. "
"Ha ha!" Wu Xin likes to laugh, and his whole body is filled with the attitude that friends come from afar. "Tell Xiao Fan that the boat can be tried for ten days."
Wave expression changes seem to recognize Wu Xin head is not clear "you rob! Do you know what fifty gold is? "
"I know, anyway, your words are" Wu Xin said. "If it’s six days, do it or not."
"What do you mean, he works for nothing and doesn’t enjoy the benefits? He has to pay 50 gold to treat us to dinner every day?" Langwen
"Well, it will make us feel better," Wu Xin said. "Trust me, if you hold someone like me, he won’t give you a face. The more you ruin him, the more he will feel better."
"…" Friend said, "Brother Shepherd, do you talk too much about others?"
"Ask Lao Wang this!"
Bai Wendao: "According to psychological research, the easier you get things, the more you will ignore your body value. People will subconsciously measure the accessibility of things. For example, Lin Shao, it is very simple for you to buy a car. You may not be too angry if you lose your car, right?"
"Well … the new car will still be a little angry if it is not insured." Lang thought about it and answered.
"well! As far as I know, you are a racing enthusiast, and you cherish Schumacher’s signature photo the most. If the photo is stolen … "
The wave is murderous. "Even if my sister steals me, she will spit it out."
"Everyone has their own values. For example, this cockroach must look at our dragonfly according to the analysis," Bai Wendao said. "But the dragonfly doesn’t give him a wink or a word like other women, and all this makes the cockroach itch more. How much money and energy did you spend on that signed photo?"
"Boy, it took me less than half a month," Langdao said. "I chased him for ten days, and finally a hotel blocked his real life. My identity and his photo trip cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the hotel owner sued me and spent some money to settle it."
"But you are still very worried because you personally got your group photo and signed photos," Bai Wendao said. "Dragonflies are cockroaches. Schumacher’s money is not a problem."
Wu Xin asked, "Lao Wang, does this mean that you are pus me in the game or that in the real world …"
Whew!’ An arrow landed on Wu Xin’s legs. Dragonfly stretched out his right index finger and middle finger and put them together. Then he made a gesture of cutting his neck.
Wu Xin raised his hand "just kidding"
Wave reported that "they made a counter-offer of 2 gold". Now he will stop blocking other people’s financial resources or he will bleed to fill it.
"Well …" Wu Xin said, "One hundred gold will be collected in three days or we will talk about it."
Wave anger "I am embarrassed to say"