I don’t know what kind of boundary spirit will appear behind the guillotine.

July 9, 2024

So …
If you want to "drop the spirit" to the extreme, you have to find something that can stand the enemy.
Gu Qingshan was thinking about ear suddenly remind of a lazy girl.
"He’s not right."
Hey? Isn’t this the tonic of the Hall of the Soul in the Sea of Blood?
"Are you awake?" Gu Qingshan immediately asked
The hall of the spirits yawned and said, "I didn’t wake up-I just slept for half a game."
"Listen, Gu Qingshan, they can exert their spiritual power to the extreme because their spirit is incomplete and you are completely different from them."
"-your spiritual skill comes from the river of life and death, but it is complete without the sacred wheel. Even if you cut ten thousand swords, all you can summon is still exhausted."
Gu Qingshan froze.
He quickly asked, "Then how can I cultivate this boundary force to make it stronger?"
The owner of the Hall of the Ghost snorted and said, "I told you that there is something in the world’s body and phase …"
Gu Qingshan listened attentively, but the sound was broken here
After a while
Still not.
"Lady, you just said-"Gu Qingshan explored.
Still not.
"Excuse me, how can I make the boundary force form a defensive force?" Gu Qingshan ask again
"…" Gu Qingshan
He silently took out the verdict and turned out the card.
Seeing that the woman seems to be sleeping with her eyes closed.
Gu Qingshan completely don’t understand.
-If she didn’t speak just now, who would it be?
Gu Qingshan had to ask, "God of War interface … was that her who spoke to me just now?"
"Is she just talk in a dream" ares interface.
Gu Qingshan suddenly speaks English
He stared at the card girl-
-Are you all right?
You talk in your sleep and point me out?
Gu Qingshan nai sighed and carefully put away the sin.
At that time, the owner of the Hall of the Soul said that she should not be disturbed when she was sleeping.