Lang is a strong-willed person who Wu Xin knows most about abandoning vulgar tastes except himself. He used to be offline n times when he was a child. He used to work manually for hours. He used to …

July 8, 2024

The waves jumped in place and shouted’ yeah’, then shook hands with the captain and sent them all the way to the hotel. They were given a hundred dollars to serve them well, and then they were given another hundred dollars to watch the people stop running, and then they went back to the ship without asking everyone’s opinions, directly targeting Zengmu shoal.
If silence is gold, eloquence is silver, then action is diamond wave. His diamond action tells the crew of the dreadnought that we have an enemy skeleton, skeleton or skeleton these 30 days.
Throwing a skeleton into the sea does not count. There is a way to destroy the skeleton, that is, to deal with the skeleton dog, the front line of thugs, the rear line of logistics, and then all kinds of weapons to chew the skeleton.
"I have calculated that on average, we can kill 30 skeletons in an hour, and even if it takes 15 hours to kill 45 skeletons in a day, we can get rid of it in 20 days." Langdao "Plus each of us has a hidden lucky value, it is very likely that we will be finished in 20 days. Let’s work hard!"
"…" People silently express their feelings.
"Come on, everyone, I know it’s hard." Wave said, "Well, after Level 4, let’s choose a day and I’ll treat you. We’ll take a 15-day trip to Europe and give you a double bonus …" Wave saw that everyone was indifferent and wanted to cry.
"Good," Wu Xin said, "If you have this intention, we will be satisfied. As the old saying in China goes, a confidant will die. We coolies can meet you, and the boss can admit that we are unlucky."
"I’m so touched," Langdao said. "Lao Wang and your wife said to borrow a good doctor to cover your shift for 500 yuan a day. When you get married, I will arrange for you to travel around the world on your honeymoon."
"Don’t!" Bai Wendao: "When you earn the money yourself, you can invite us again."
"Yes!" Friends said, "Parents don’t have any sincerity in paying guests."
"Forget it, everyone is a crew member of the dread ship." Wu Xin is kind. "Besides, brushing the skeleton is also a leveling and a benefit of everyone’s experience. It’s not that your family has rounded up a four-class ship and I’m still looking forward to it."
"Mm-hmm!" Everyone nodded and Wu Xin told everyone that although they didn’t want to cut the skeleton, the benefits were really exciting. Everyone forgot that there seemed to be no upgrade from level 3 to level 4, and there was an extraordinary upgrade to be completed. From the trend, the sooner the ship was upgraded, the more difficult it was, and it was very easy to go both ways with the guild.
Cockroaches cut the skeleton with one knife, and the body is made of gold and iron, which is such a defense. Cockroaches’ tears almost came to three dozen handwheels, and friends’ grenades supported dragonflies’ bows and arrows to shoot for two minutes. It can be seen that such skeleton defense has been ashamed to a very shameful state.
The only good news is that the skeleton does not pose too much threat to the dread. Of course, the former dread guarantees that this formation will still pose a great threat once it is spread out.
With this world’s ocean ushered in a rare peace, of course, once Indonesia is weakened by the pirate king Cheng, the war will still break out. Two commercial trade lines, the International Maritime Trade Organization and the Northern Trade Alliance, have flourished for half a month, so that the international commercial routes have been lifted by the unified system and the preferential price measures of 2% have been released at the same time. It is expected that the price of all projects will be adjusted by 5% in one month, which greatly stimulated the voyage trade.
Pirates in Southeast Asia have been dealt a fatal blow. It is reported that the cold and snow have led the Chinese pirate alliance to spoil the Southeast Asia, but it has not taken much advantage. After all, the number of third-class ships has gradually increased, and the gap between the strength of a single ship has been further narrowed, and it is also possible to get a few votes alone.
The trade union does not pay much attention to this situation, and privately encourages it. Although some insurance money is lost, who will pay the insurance money if there are no pirates?
Great navigation has ushered in a new chapter because of various trade organizations, but behind the prosperity is the harm of interest groups. The most important contradiction is the contradiction between the Wolf Travel Thousand Miles Association and the International Maritime Trade Organization. Everyone stays out of the river, but the international trade organization secretly adopts pirates to crack down on the civil aviation group.
The navigable distance of the civil aviation group is getting shorter and shorter, from Africa to India, and from India to Malacca. Thanks to the cold and snow, they have a private agreement with Wolves for thousands of miles, which makes the civil aviation group have a little life in Southeast Asia.
It is an indisputable fact in the game to raise pirates. If you don’t pay insurance, you will probably be attacked by pirates. Moreover, these pirates don’t kill the owner, but kill the owner. Their purpose is to exchange their lives for your economic loss. In this case, the civil aviation group and minority players have a sinister living environment. Many people have left the civil aviation group to pay insurance money to join the WTO route.
Anyway, adding a trade organization route can guarantee 1% profit, your goods are looted by pirates, and you have insurance. You can run smoothly, deduct about 3% profit to make insurance money, and 7% profit is a reasonable and stable income. Of course, if you have to analyze how 3% profit makes these guilds rich, you will struggle for yourself because this is monopoly.
As a real power, the United States not only did not join the trade delegation, but also encountered great trouble, that is, the wandering of black beard made the plan of Sino-US and European-American routes repeatedly postponed, and the trade organization asked the United States to simply eliminate or expel black beard for a while.
The United States couldn’t get out for a while, but Richie led American pirates such as Canada, the United States and Brazil to set up a free pirate alliance, and organized 60 pirate ships to attack Brazil’s strongholds frequently. Europe and Africa frantically looted commercial ships on this route, which made trade organizations have a headache. Finally, the Mediterranean countries set up an anti-piracy alliance and hundreds of ships patrolled this area to suppress the arrogance of the free pirate alliance.
However, in this series of actions, being a promoter of the trade organization has never appeared. It seems that it has completely faded out of the national maritime trade organization. The two major rivals, Screw and Fear, both played missing, which made the divination alliance have a good divination. Nai, without news, can it be a news divination alliance or miss the fear era rather than the current peaceful era.
Where is the screw number?
If you are afraid of the number, you will catch the ghost.
Born as bad as the enemy, the screw has also got a pervert. The D-class is an island in the Indian Ocean. The supply department needed in the ghost is the gunner’s secret girlfriend, and the line can be a temporary stop.
It’s easier to be afraid of the number of screws. After all, the nest was once a mother’s shoal. Although the supply in the pirate village is a little expensive, it can’t hold up. Everyone has money and is about to inflate. If you have money, you should spend it early. Every day, everyone will sail to the pirate village automatically with Bai Wenqi, and then the Bai Wen boat will confiscate the ticket and trade it to the island to wait for Dr. body double. Then Dr. body double, the main line, besides gaining a lot of experience, will get a hundred dollars for working six hours every day. She has two requirements, one is dedication
Hard work is the foundation of everything, and it is generally a truth in this game.
The biggest gain is Youer, who won the title of "Bomb Madman" after killing a skeleton one day. Although Youer doesn’t like this ugly name, it is recognized by all. With this title, Youer can buy materials to make homemade gunpowder, and he can also flexibly set various methods and sizes of explosives, such as making 10 kilograms of explosives and adding an alarm clock to turn it into a time bomb. Ten kilograms of explosives can be stuffed into grenades to make giant grenades. The best thing is deep-water bombs. The explosives will sink into the iron, and then the seabed can be bombed according to the length of the lead set by Youer.
However, friends are also the fastest in burning money. It takes at least ten gold to make a deep-water bomb, and the most important thing is that the power is really poor. Of course, if you spend ten gold to make one, the power will be considerable.
Cockroach upgrade and brush out a repeating pistol. A five-second bullet can reduce the firing by 2% and 11 powerful bullets.
Mei is finally complete, and iron cannons and artillery shells are a great comfort.
For others … There are others who have not made progress.
"ninety-five!" Langdao: "We can definitely finish it in five days."
Wu Xin very numb way "five days? Five days "he has no concept of time. In the past twenty days, he has formed a regular line, running, eating lunch, line, K skeleton, line … This circular way to celebrate your friend’s title as a bomb madman, and Lang announced that he would take a half-day break, which led to watching the scenery and chatting with himself for a long time without K skeleton and was extremely uncomfortable.
The cockroach grabbed the knife with his right hand, hooked the skull neck and hugged the skull together, and then pulled the trigger with his left pistol. Eleven shook the skull and turned it into Bai Guangmei, sighing, "This child is abnormal again."
"Not a pervert, but handsome … and rhymes." Cockroach holds a skull crystal. "Ninety-six!" Blow into the barrel smoothly
The new skull ship approached a few thugs and squeezed out a gun position. Wu Xin set up a cannon to bombard the skull ship, not to sink it, but to grind off some of the lives of these ten skulls first. After all, Wu Xin’s cannon is not too powerful for the ship to deal with people, even if the powerful cannon is hitting the players, no matter how good the equipment is, it can’t stand it. But is the skull a person? Anyway, Wu Xin clearly knows that a shell is being hit and then exploded, and the skeleton will lose 30% of its blood, but talking is better than striking while the iron is hot. The only drawback is that if the skeleton ship is too close, it will hit Mei. Although it is direct, it will not explode, and the skeleton will be bounced into the sea.
"Brother Shepherd, try this." Friend pulled out a shell with the shape of a present shell.
"Is this ok?" Wu Xin stuffed the shells into it. Aha, it’s really possible to aim and fire the shells. A cannon was blown up and jumped up. Wu Xin flew like shells to dozens of meters off the sea. Wu Xin’s face was dark and his head was exposed. He said, "Friend, you want to play dead, brother." At the key moment, Bai Wen’s life was transformed into a record. Wu Xin didn’t die.
"I’m white," Youer said. "I can’t install leads."