The woman fell to the ground.

July 7, 2024

Lin Yi held her body slowly down to make a noise before going to bed, and then Lin Yi went to the bed to acupuncture the sleeping woman.
Lin Yi saw that the back door was locked and found the key from the fallen woman to hit the back door.
There was no light in the room, and it was dark.
But there is a special smell in the room.
It’s female body fragrance.
Lin Yi’s eyes are suitable for the darkness in a room, and he sees a person lying on the bed.
Lin Yi arrived at the bed. To be on the safe side, Lin Yi first clicked the acupuncture points of the bed man, and then he made a fire break.
The firelight reflected that Lin Yi saw the person lying on the bed impressively as Huyanyuer!
Huyanyuer is so haggard now.
Eyes deep in cheekbones and protruding out.
Because this strong-willed woman has been defiled by Phoenix Liancheng, but she is still determined to die.
She will never take the initiative to satisfy Feng Liancheng’s desire, let alone be his concubine.
Suo Feng Liancheng cut off her food and water.
Since which day Phoenix Liancheng has never drunk a little water or eaten a grain of rice from Huyanyuer.
She is already extremely weak.
Huyanyuer knows that Phoenix Liancheng is going to starve her alive.
Or so she can go and reunite with Zuo Yangyang, her father and those dead relatives.
See HuYanYueR this picture Lin Yi heart trembles a.
He called a HuYan yuer ear "her son …"
Huyanyuer’s dumb point was clicked, but the sleeping point was not clicked.
She doesn’t have to sleep in the cave. She is in a daze now.
If Lin Yi had come two days later, she might have died.
Hearing this call from Lin Yi, she slowly opened her eyes.
Chapter one hundred and three Night agents will mansion (3)
Huyanyuer looked at the masked man in front of her, and her face was full of confusion.
Lin Yi said softly, "Yu Er, don’t be afraid that I am Lin Yi! I changed … "
Lin Yi explained her acupuncture points.
Lin Yi!
These two words suddenly flashed like two lights across the dark world of Huyanyuer.
Huyanyuer’s gloomy eyes shone, and her weak voice excited tunnel "Lin Wang … are you really Lin Wang?"
Lin Yi said, "I am really!"
HuYan Yuer said, "You lied to me. How did you find me? Are you sent by Phoenix Liancheng to play tricks? Tell him this heart is dead! "
Lin Yi said, "Miss HuYan, I am really Lin Yi …"
Lin Yifa proved himself Huyanyuer, only then did he believe that the masked man in front of him was Lin Yi.
Lin Yi said, "Brocade and I visited Phoenix Liancheng. Brocade smelled that he smelled like you. I just came in tonight to find out. I didn’t expect you to be trapped here by Phoenix Liancheng! What’s going on with YuEr? What about Chaoyang? "
Tears welled up in Huyanyuer’s eyes, and she struggled to get up. Lin Yi helped her up.
She plunged into Lin Yi’s arms and hugged Lin Yi as if a child who had suffered a lot finally threw herself into the arms of her relatives.
HuYan Yuer body trembling, she cried, "Chaoyang died and I was brought here by Phoenix Liancheng. This beast imprisoned me. Lin Wangfeng Liancheng is not a person! He’s an animal! He is a beast … "
Hearing this, Huyanyuer Lin Yi was amazed.
Hu Yanyuer is shy, but Lin Yi is not stupid. He can hear the meaning of Hu Yanyuer’s words.
He immediately understood what kind of crime Phoenix Liancheng had committed against Huyanyuer.
This also makes Lin Yi see the ugly face of Feng Liancheng more clearly.
He’s a hypocrite.
Lin Yi is also in pain.
He can imagine how painful Hu Yanyuer was to experience her like this.
Lin Yi regards Zuo Chaoyang as a brother.
Huyanyuer suspected that he had never been a sister-in-law.
Brother died and his sister-in-law was humiliated, which is also a great shame for him to be a "brother"!
Lin Yi’s anger boiled like magma and then rushed to his forehead. His knuckles "giggled" because of anger.
Huyanyuer is still in his arms.
She hugged Lin Yi more tightly.
Hold fast to a straw and refuse to let go.
Lin Yiqiang suppressed his anger at his judo. "Yuer, don’t be afraid that everything is over now. With me, I won’t let you get hurt again. I’ll take you away now."
Lin Yi grabbed a wrapped Huyanyuer.
HuYan yuer cry weak tunnel "Lin Wang I want to kill him! I must kill this beast later! "
Lin Yi said, "He will surely die a natural death."
Lin Yi holding HuYan Yuer walked out.
Huyanyuer herself was starved to death by Phoenix Liancheng, but I didn’t expect Lin Yi to rescue her from the abyss as a magic weapon.