Wang Nan has always been free and easy to do things, and she came to this holy land. Although her strength is rising, she doesn’t feel at home, and she has a strange feeling about all this around her. Every time she thinks about this, she always tells herself that maybe she can change everything when she comes for a short time.

July 6, 2024

However, a person’s concept and personality are not complete. It is not enough to change when it is time. She has endured Mao Hui and Wang Haoran for a long time, and now it has finally broken out.
"School sister …" Mao Hui didn’t expect that Wang Nan, who hasn’t talked much at ordinary times, suddenly got angry with that guy at the moment and got so angry.
Mao Hui wants to call again, but he has come. He can’t look at Wang Nan from Mao Hui’s embarrassment.
"What makes him …" Mao Hui shows fierce breath at the moment and doesn’t even care about Wang Haoran. The weak body is full of murderous look.
Wang Nan is a wooden spirit, which is destined to reach a strange realm, and if you can practice with her, you can also get great benefits. It is very wonderful. Although there are many strong people and a lot of human beings, no matter whether it is a watery spirit or a wooden spirit or other natural spirits, the outside world will be born.
And once they appear, they will rise rapidly. Although they still have to look at themselves after reaching the singularity, it is much easier for them to impact the singularity than others.
"It’s a good time to learn and compete in the dead of night." Wang Haoran said that he had got up and was trapped in the land for some time. He also wanted to use Wang Nansheng, but he was more clever and wouldn’t directly face Wang Nan.
"Hum …" See Wang Haoran from Mao Hui cold hum a he has white that Wang Haoran means Wang Haoran don’t want to get rid of the man with his own hands.
Although his heart was white, after sitting in the pavilion for several hours, Mao Hui couldn’t help it. In addition to his initial idea of using Wang Nan to improve his strength, he unconsciously already really liked Wang Nan. He couldn’t help it. Don’t forget that little scene held by Wang Nan today, he just couldn’t help it.
I really like that Wang Nan is different from you who want to benefit her wooden body. Mao Hui is so thinking about her figure that a few flashes have gone out of the Wangs Wuxing City branch.
As soon as he moved, a person had a disdainful and sarcastic smile on his lips. "Idiot"
Five-element city is really big. Five mountains stretching for more than 20,000 miles finally converge to this hundred-kilometer city of Five-element city, which is in the enchantment storm of the demon forest between land and heaven. This handwriting is earth-shattering.
And every arrangement in this city has a lot to say, and many people can realize a lot from it. After fighting outside, many people will return to Wuxing City for a short retreat and make a breakthrough. This kind of thing is common.
Even if the usual practice speed is much faster than that outside, of course, it is ten times more expensive here than outside. Otherwise, all families will not move people here to practice. The key implication here is something similar to the finishing touch, which is slightly helpful to align with the breakthrough between heaven and man.
Lin Dongjing immediately felt the endless force of heaven and earth around him. He repeatedly used these forces to refine his body. At the moment, 60% of his body has been completely absorbed by the force of heaven and earth, and he can also absorb part of it.
Just like at the moment, Lin Dong is constantly absorbing the fire of heaven and earth, but it has soon reached its limit. After destroying Yi Jia, it rushed to Wuxing City. This battle has already made Lin Dong’s strength reach the five peaks of hiding.
Instead of absorbing strength, Lin Dong’s mental thoughts gradually spread to feel something on the edge of the city, just as he felt the strange realm at the gate of the city, just like a little mental thoughts of the super strong, he unconsciously felt something but could not catch it.
Running, looking for thinking, and feeling that it is invisible, but I can always feel that if I can really catch it, it will be a breakthrough.
Suddenly, Lin Dong unconsciously got lucky and learned that the rules from the essence of the Leopard Emperor. After a little operation, I found that there are many places in this five-line city that are consistent with this rule. It is very rewarding to follow this route to find out.
"Bang … bang …" As Lin Dong realized unconsciously, the Chinese body suddenly absorbed a lot of firepower from heaven and earth again, and the original five to six days of soil strength directly exceeded this limit, reaching a peak of 60% and approaching 70%.
At this moment, Lin Dong’s body has gone through another tempering. Unconsciously, Lin Dong’s strength has reached the sixth place, and with his understanding of his spiritual ideas, his strength has also risen rapidly, and the growth rate is even faster.
There is also a reason for dividing the refuge into twelve strange realms, because from the refuge, the practitioner’s body, heaven and earth force will change to the refuge, and the practitioner’s body, heaven and earth force will become 20%, and the strength will grow so much that the body strength will be transformed into heaven and earth force at the tenth time of refuge.
At this moment, it is called quasi-strange realm. At this moment, although all forces have been transformed into heaven and earth, they can directly absorb the heaven and earth forces, but they have not entered the strange world, so they need to understand something. Eventually, when the body’s heaven and earth forces exceed the limit, they will break through.
Lin Dong’s strength between heaven and earth is a little different from normal, which has something to do with his mental mind and strong body. Just like at the moment, he has reached the sixth place, but his strength between heaven and earth has reached more than 70%.
The opportunity for Leopard Emperor to comprehend the rules will gradually improve the rules of Leopard Emperor’s essence and residual silk. Some of them have greatly changed the spirit, ideas and strength. At this moment, Lin Dong is devouring the forces of heaven and earth around him like a giant. Just in a few hours, he has just broken through the strength, and he has reached the six peaks of hiding and breaking through the potential again.
You know Lin Dong’s understanding, but a rule in heaven and earth is that the secret is poor and the harvest is poor.
"Lin Dong is a man, so come out and follow me to the Five Elements Station." When Lin Dong realized that he was feeling good, suddenly Mao Hui’s stereo started to swing with great power.
The strength has risen rapidly, and the body has been constantly tempered. I have realized a lot of things, and my mental thoughts have risen a lot compared with the past. Now my perception range has reached 150 miles. At this time, I was suddenly interrupted. Lin Dong suddenly opened his eyes and his eyes flashed.
This feeling does not mean that it’s a coincidence that you want to immerse yourself again. It’s only less than an hour before you feel what you can’t meet. Can Lin Dong not be angry?
"Bang …" Lin Dong directly rushed out a flash has reached the front of Mao Hui.
"Huh?" Suddenly, I saw Lin Dong’s anger rushing out more than myself. Mao Hui was also one leng, but then he said, "If Lin Dong is a man, just follow me to the Five Elements Station."
"If I kill you directly after three years, if it weren’t for the Five Elements City here, I would kill you now." Lin Dongbi said angrily, now he has to worry about the real top power of the five families. After three years, Lin Dong is confident that even if he meets the super strong of the five families, he also has the strength. When he was in World War I for three years, Lin Dong believed that he could definitely enter the strange realm.
If this is not the Five Elements City, Lin Dong may directly kill him by interrupting his practice and interrupting such a beautiful moment.
"What makes you arrogant?" I don’t know how this guy Lin Dong can be so fierce and so hot. Unconsciously, Mao Hui’s momentum has been overwhelmed.
Although it is already late at night, there is no ordinary person who can stay in the Five Elements City. The worst is also the realm of Qi Tian. Mao Hui was still very arrogant and shouted, which immediately attracted many people to follow.
As two streamers, the two of them rushed directly to the nearest five-element platform with a width of 1,000 meters. There are some arrays around the platform. These arrays are all strange. People can go in for a competition if they pay 1,000 Lingshi. Of course, your opponent agreed to go in with you before, because it is not illegal to kill people there.