If Yan Ning announced that he would give Xia Zhu Bai Yinting to him, I’m afraid there would be more.

July 5, 2024

And he can walk away with the money without worrying about being punished by law.
When the time comes, it will be that Yan Ningxuan forced her to do all this, which is a bad luck for this woman.
Yan Ningxuan naturally wouldn’t have thought that Li Youchen, who had been obedient to her, was thinking about betraying her while she was thinking about another thing.
Maybe Bai yinting has sent someone to watch her go to the event, but she must attend it in person, but she needs to think about it.
Xia Zhu ate all the rice in the lunch box and had strength. She put the lunch box aside and inadvertently looked up and saw the monitor flashing at her.
She knew that her every move was being watched by the other side, and she also knew that Li Youchen was not alone here, and there were others.
She can’t escape at all, and all the luck of escape is impossible.
She misses Bai Yinting and Xiao edamame for so many days at the moment. They must be very worried about themselves, right?
I don’t know how they are. Maybe suffer like yourself.
Yan Ningxuan went back to her room and sent a message to Bai Yinting asking him to put the prepared money in a black bag for garbage and then bury the bag in her designated place.
Bai yinting ask what is still no response.
Interestingly, Bai yinting did it, and the police also arranged people to watch it, but no one ever came to get the money.
Until the next morning, there was still no movement. Yan Ning announced that she didn’t need to send someone to see it. She knew that she couldn’t get the money and was not in a hurry to get it.
She didn’t choose to fly directly to France this time, but went to other cities by car, then by boat and finally by plane to France.
The purpose is not to let others find out her whereabouts easily.
Before she left, she made a thousand exhortations to Li Youchen, and Li Youchen promised on the surface, but her heart still had its own plans.
Make sure that after Yan Ningxuan left, Li Youchen came to Xia Zhu’s room. When Xia Zhu saw him, he shrank back.
"Let’s talk." Li Youchen didn’t go in, but leaned against the door frame with his arms in his hands and his legs together.
"What do you want?" Xia Zhu watched him warily.
"What good will you give me if I put you back?" Li Youchen is very straightforward to ask
Xia Zhu laughed, "You haven’t played hard to get enough, have you? Let me go back? And then arrest me and torture me? "
"I’m telling the truth. I’ll send you back myself, but it’s very risky and necessary, and it will make me feel excited, otherwise I will never do it," said Li Youchen.
Chapter ninety Five million is enough
Xia Zhu quietly looked at Li Youchen method to tell whether what he said was true or not.
Li Youchen also waited patiently for Xia Zhu’s answer. After a few seconds, he said something that had been bothering Xia Zhu.
"I can tell you the fact that I am healthy and not infected. These are all lies, in other words, psychological torture," Li Youchen said.
"What did you say?" Xia Zhu has some accidents and some surprises at the same time.
Although she has been suffering these days, there is no better news than this. Her heart seems to be relaxed a lot at once.
"So when you go back, just think of it as a nightmare. Forget it. I don’t want more than five million." Li Youchen held out five fingers.
"Five million?" Xia Zhu still frowns. She doesn’t know if she should believe him.
"Why? It won’t feel too much, will it? " Li Youchen stared. "I’m risking my life to get you out."
"Why did you save me?" Xia Zhu doesn’t believe him.
"On the one hand, I feel sorry for you, on the other hand, I don’t want to continue living like this. It’s still the most honest to have some money in my hand." Li Youchen told the truth
"So who are you under?" Xia Zhu asked again
"You don’t need to know too many people. The more you know, the worse," Li Youchen said. "You’d better make a decision when I think about it for you."
Li Youchen was about to turn to Xia Zhu when he got up. "Okay, I promise you."
"Five million?" Li Youchen certainty asked again.
"Five million" Xia Zhu also solemnly repeated it.
"Well, then we will trust each other, give me 5 million and let me go abroad." Li Youchen said seriously.
"Well, you should know that it is not difficult for us," said Xia Zhu.
"It’s a good deal," Li Youchen said, glancing at the outside. "You’ve also had two escape experiences. I know I’m not alone here, and I’m not sure how many people there are."
"So how can you take me away?" Xia Zhu asked
Li Youchen raised his mobile phone to "call your husband and ask him to come and pick us up". Li Youchen is also smart. After all, it is not easy for him to go out from here.
After all, he is not sure to buy off all the people Yan Ningxuan hired. It would be a tragedy if the buy-off failed.
Xia Zhu nodded. "Then give me your mobile phone and I’ll make a call."
This is a great opportunity for Xia Zhu, and he is very excited.
But Li Youchen didn’t trust him. He had to ask Xia Zhuxian to give him an iou to write down five million written evidence, so that he could feel at ease. Otherwise, what if she didn’t give herself when she was free?
Xia Zhu left here early, naturally wrote, and then asked Li Youchen for a mobile phone.
Li Youchen carefully folded the iou and put it in his pocket. Just as he was about to hand over his mobile phone to Xia Zhu, he suddenly heard a voice, "Did you really betray me?"
Li Youchen was shocked. The sound was processed, which was magical and scary at the same time.
Xia Zhu was also scared by this sound because she had heard it before and knew that she was the person behind the scenes.
It seems that she can’t walk today. Looking at the close-by mobile phone, Xia Zhu grabbed it and called Bai Yinting.
Li Youchen looked at Xia Zhu in panic and didn’t take the phone back.
The sound continued to ring again. "What are you still doing? Never let her talk! "
"I …" Li Youchen didn’t know what to do?
If Xia Zhu calls out, maybe they can still be saved, but if the mobile phone is also taken away, isn’t it waiting for death?
Xia Zhu trembling hands will play out words Li Youchen is throwing caution to the wind, he flurried to lock up the door, by the way, pick up half a brick to monitor to smashed.
"Li Youchen, do you want to rebel?" That sound is obviously angry.
Li Youchen anger will sound source that small speakers also smashed.
Xia Zhu’s words also got through. Her excited voice shouted Bai Yinting’s name, "It’s me. I’m Xia Zhu. Come and save me."
"Xia Zhu, where are you?" Bai yinting also excited.
"Where am I? Where am I? " As soon as Xia Zhu panicked, she didn’t know where she was.
"Don’t worry, what are the landmarks in your place?" Bai yinting ask again
"Where are we in Li Youchen?" Xia Zhu almost cried.
"I’m not sure it’s too late to come over." Li Youchen also panicked. "But it seems that it’s a long time since I left the city. It’s remote and surrounded by mountains. It’s desolate."
"Li Youchen? Are you with Li Youchen? " Bai Yin court heart suddenly hung up.
At this time, Li Youchen heard someone knocking at the door, and he was even more panicked. "It’s over, it’s over, we’re all over, and I may be dead to take five million."
He used to hold the door, but it was obviously not very big.
Xia Zhu was at a loss. "Bai Yinting, if we don’t have a chance to meet, we must take good care of Xiaomedao."