-found nothing.

July 4, 2024

"With this?"
He grinned and raised his hands.
But don’t wait for him to release the operation method. A fascinating sound rang.
"Well ~ ahhh-whoa-"
Suddenly, a bullet suddenly appeared between the eyes of the king and crashed directly into it.
The technique was interrupted.
Blood flowed everywhere.
The king fell.
But another king got up and said
"What a stupid move. Even if you kill me, the monster will come directly because of the law of death."
"God is no match for it."
"Besides, I have more than 900 souls for my life, and you can’t kill me no matter how hard you try."
His momentum soared so high that the whole hut almost fell apart.
No matter where you hide, there is a way to be crushed in front of such overwhelming forces.
The king growled
"It seems that I am too restrained to make you have some unrealistic hopes."
"Now you all have to bear my anger-"
Suddenly someone patted him.
The king felt a convulsion, and he couldn’t move. He couldn’t say anything later.
There is a long hook weapon in the virtual. He leans gently and then pulls hard.
Hundreds of illusory figures have been pulled out.
At the same time, the king suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest.
He looked down.
I saw a long stick penetrate his body.
End he felt his whole soul trembling and fear.
This staff-what the hell is it! ! !
Gu Qingshan quietly appeared.
He held the skull with the tip of the staff and said lightly, "I also have some remarks about the fact of death."
Chapter one thousand nine Have a good cigarette.
The apostle was indeed seriously injured.
That guy, Gu Qingshan, is worthless.
The king deeply understood that he was the strongest in the battle just now and someone could crush the place at will.
There is no doubt about it.
-oneself also focus on fear of the outbreak of power is too hard to kill these people across the street.
In that case, it will definitely attract that monster.
But the battle will be over soon.
The king lay in his heart and didn’t slow down for a while.
I was also prepared to shock these people with my own powerful strength and let them kneel before me.
How come?
Like this?
The king can’t accept the result.
That stick was inserted into his chest, and it was painful to wake himself up. Everything was real.
An unprecedent fear seized that k’s heart.
This is life’s fear in the face of the end of the trial
-completely dominated by life and death, even the soul can resist.
Some people will cry, beg and try their best to survive at this time.
But some people are different
The king stared at Gu Qingshan crazy roar a way
"Come on, kill me if something happens!"
"I am the manager of the life god kingdom, the servant of the gods, and the king of Anhun Township will not be afraid of death."
Gu Qingshan watched his eyes exude a little appreciation.
The king still has some advantages after all.
Gu Qingshan shook his forefinger slowly with a stick in one hand and a finger in the other.
"You made a mistake," Gu Qingshan said. "I didn’t mean to kill you."
The king froze.
"Really" Gu Qingshan continued, "We won’t kill you. You must keep in mind that"
The king slowly fell back in one breath and felt that he had done something heroic just now, but he couldn’t help but feel a sense of congratulation in his heart.
It would be a good thing if I could live.
Gu Qingshan saw that his mood changed in a few minutes. "That-to be honest, we still want to thank you."
The king held his mouth open and didn’t answer for a moment.
Gu Qingshan said sincerely, "Look, you found someone to give us a note, which made us wary before and let people wait for us in secret passages. We pointed out the back road. Although we finally found another way to get out of there, you really did all these things."