It’s noisy, but after all, everyone is still a soldier with a sense of proportion. Not far ahead is the base, and everyone has stopped to organize the army.

July 3, 2024

It seems that the base is not as nervous as it is in the city, but when they arrived, an officer greeted them early. The order of the fourth team still did not change, and the deputy armed forces in the base stood by.
Take back the weapons from Gaohe, and wait for General Hammer together in battle armor. This means that the fourth team will be transferred to an place to secretly protect Gaohe, a super baby. Now, of course, they will not be assigned any high-risk jobs.
Of course, there are evacuation facilities in the new new york city that can be seen in the base. Everyone is anxiously waiting. Fortunately, the military, the police and the government are close and the ordinary citizens are unusually cooperative. However, there is no particularly big riot except some car accidents caused by anxiety. This small accident is also extremely easy to solve.
The whole city’s family relocation is no small matter. At the same time, the military has mobilized aircraft and has cooperated with the surrounding cities. The hotels and restaurants have carried forward their style and left their own rooms, while the surrounding cities have also urgently transferred their own relief supplies. The victims’ camps have been established in suitable locations around the cities, and all living facilities are available.
However, there are too many people to receive. Facing the whole beta planet, the largest city with tens of millions of people, several cities around it can also ensure that the military is arranged urgently, and several temporary barracks can be built in some safe places. Some cities have also extended a helping hand.
Surrounding cities are also preparing for earthquake resistance in their own cities. Although the distance is almost 100 kilometers, it is also good to be careful and prepare early. Who knows if there will be earthquake waves passing here to cause harm?
But perhaps the most important thing to strive for now is to evacuate all the personnel from An ‘an and then transfer them to other cities. At present, the policy of the military and the police is to evacuate all the personnel to An ‘an as soon as possible and then resettle them.
Everyone is in full swing, but Gao He is very anxious in his heart, because now he has left the earthquake zone, Gao He has no feeling, and he is afraid of his own feeling. If the future of those generals is really not allowed, he may ruin himself.
Beauty and panther all know the truth, but Gao He is holding a sweat. However, no matter how worried he is, he can move on. Gao He is very contradictory in his heart. From the perspective of the people, he really hopes that this catastrophic earthquake will not happen. However, from the perspective of several generals, he hoped that the earthquake would be more violent. Such ambivalence made Gao Heshi not know how to deal with the rare sweating.
Panther saw that Gao He was nervous for a while and there was no good way to solve it. She winked at the beauty, who knowingly took Gao He to the back to talk.
What did Gao Hegen say when she was upset? She didn’t listen, but there was no way. Gao He could recite the formula silently in her heart. Maybe it was a formula that had a good net-warming effect. After several times, Gao He was upset and finally looked at the other side, worried and looked at her beauty. Gao He smiled apologetically.
The beauty suddenly stretched out his hand and touched the face of the crane. Just as the crane was confused, when the beauty was so confused, her neck seemed to be stung by something. She immediately fell into confusion and snored in a low voice for a few seconds.
Finally, the nervous Gaohe fell asleep. The beautiful woman helped Gaohe to bed and gawked at Gaohe’s calm face. "Fool!" Suddenly bow your head and gently kiss Gao He’s face where Gao He was kissed by Miss Rose. "Disinfect you!" Looked up is a rare hongxia beaming and see a few eye out of the room.
In the dreamland, Gaohe didn’t really lose consciousness. He was silently reciting the formula. After lying in bed for a few seconds, the body swam wildly. The heat flow helped to slowly wake up the heat flow. The effect of Gaohe’s medicine seemed to be reduced by a few minutes every turn. Suddenly, I felt that the beauty said something beside me, and then my face touched a soft place, and then I was left alone.
After a few minutes of crazy operation of heat flow, Gaohe has completely woken up, but the formula and heat flow help are not as agitated and calm as before. I found myself just acting a little too much and reconfirmed that I felt there should be no problem at that time, which seems to be because I didn’t have confidence in myself.
Maybe it’s the first time that Gaohe bears such a heavy responsibility and has no experience in handling it. Anyway, it’s time to have a good rest. At the thought of this, Gaohe still closed his eyes and helped him fall asleep again. The body heat flow kept wandering along some irregular lines.
It’s just five hours after waking up again. People have already given anti-jet lag drugs, especially in the army. When the crane landed, it was too late to wake up and feel refreshed.
Push the door and walk out. Everyone is still in the front of the hall screen and see the crane. Everyone is relaxed and smiling. The screen shows the new new york evacuation workers. It seems that more than half of them have finished. There are still a few people waiting for the aircraft so fast. Gao He asked everyone that it was the military and the police forces in nearby cities that supported the evacuation of 10,000 aircraft, which was greatly strengthened.
Finally, an hour and a half later, the last resident boarded the aircraft. At this time, both the soldiers and the police on the scene and the audience in front of the screen gave a cheer. The total number was as high as 50 million, and the evacuation was completed in less than an hour.
This impressive achievement is that the military and the local government cooperated closely, and the general public showed good quality during the completion period. There was no vicious incident, and there were hundreds of injured people in several minor traffic accidents, but those minor injuries were simply ignored by the current scientific and technological conditions. It can be said that this was a perfect urban evacuation
Such a huge number of people, such a short time and such a perfect answer sheet at night is also a record among these immigrant planets. Even if there is no earthquake, such brilliant achievements are enough to make this incident a perfect example of urban emergency evacuation. It is estimated that the evacuation performance alone will be enough for several urban management experts to write several wonderful papers.
This time, the evacuation propaganda organization, search and rescue, medical care, traffic dispatch, emergency safety and other government departments have shown great efficiency and perfect cooperation. This performance alone is enough to connect the heads of these departments.
The last batch of security maintenance personnel and police forces are boarding the aircraft in an orderly manner, and all news reports and media reporters are also taking high-altitude photos on the aircraft. It is estimated that there are no people on the ground. Even if there is an earthquake in Malaysia, it is no exaggeration to say that no casualties were caused in the earthquake.
When the military announced it, it was 10 to 12 hours. There is still time, but everyone is worried and the camera has been turned to several temporary security zones. The people here are also very calm and unusually cooperative
Almost all the public media have caught this incident, which Gao He didn’t expect. With the last person leaving, various media held a wide-ranging discussion on earthquake prediction.
Earthquake prediction has always been a difficult problem in the geological field. At the same time, aerospace technology has developed vigorously, and several researchers have also conducted extensive research in this field. However, for one thing, there are too few predictable samples, and for another, even if an earthquake occurs every time, it can not be studied in the past. There is no first-hand information. Although observations have been established in earthquake-prone areas of various planets, recorded data are recorded every day, but there is always no definite conclusion whether the direction is wrong or the data is wrong.
This time, the military actually announced with great fanfare that the earthquake prediction was almost accurate, which made several scientific researchers raise eyebrows and strongly demand the sharing of military data and technology, but most people still wait and see, and many of them still don’t believe it without fact verification.
It’s eleven hours after the announcement of the military, and nothing has happened yet. Everyone has added a nutritious meal and stayed quietly on standby. Panthers still want to fight for something, but they didn’t say much when the whole base was on standby.
It’s noon, and the screen is still showing the scene of New new york City shot from high. Without residents, the road has been cut off as a whole. Without human beings, the silence of the city is like a dead city, except for dozens of aircraft belonging to major media and scientific research institutions.
Chapter 40th Amazing Disaster ()
Suddenly, it seems that the whole city was hit hard by a huge hammer-or a huge original bomb detonated at a certain point. Although there was no amazing light and sound, the camera kept shooting but faithfully recorded the whole picture.
A huge hole was suddenly sunk in the center of a tall building, and then it seemed as if a spring was installed on the surface, and suddenly a circle of circular ripples sprang up high, and a gorgeous concrete floor harder than ripples bloomed along the earth, and at this time it became like a soft water surface.
When the building at the center bounced up early, it cracked a striking crack from it. When it fell again, the bottom could not bear such great tension and collapsed, causing dust and smoke all over the sky.
In front of the screen, people gaped at the scene where the huge ripple passed, and those buildings that were not strong enough seemed to be broken into pieces after being attacked by nuclear weapons. Even those TV stations had just returned to Kan Kan and talked about attacking the military wantonly. This time, they wasted people and money and issued orders to evacuate the city without evidence. The commentators all shut up, and even if they had been supporting the military, no one spoke.
Except for the sound sent back from the scene, everyone was quietly watching this super disaster that would have caused tens of millions of casualties. At this moment, an experimental performance was performed in a deserted city.
At present, the design requirements of urban buildings are all earthquake-resistant, but from the current screen, except for some low-rise buildings, no high-rise building can be damaged completely, and the urban aircraft have to be forced to rise to a higher place.
There is no clear situation at the scene. Ripples are everywhere covered by dust and smoke. Ripples spread so fast that they disappeared in a moment.
Where has the ripple of no one’s heart spread now? Everyone is quietly watching this epic disaster, but they still have such a huge destructive power, such a wide coverage and such a thrilling scene before them. Everything is so frightening.
The world is shocked! It was not until the dust on the scene slowly dissipated that the host finally spoke. According to some experts’ visual inspection and the data from the surrounding instruments, the earthquake was at least 10.5, and it was likely to be higher. Even if those buildings were all qualified, they could not withstand such a huge earthquake.
Not only those citizens who were evacuated, but also people in other places watched the screen for a while. If it were not for the decisive evacuation of the military, this disaster could be said to be a scene of killing and injuring millions of soldiers in the energy campaign in the past. This earthquake is absolutely dwarfed.
The thrilling scene revealed ruins after the smoke cleared, and only then did the evacuated citizens react and cheer wildly.
But then the scene on the screen made everyone quiet again. After the first earthquake, another wave of vibration occurred in the same place. Although the magnitude was not as strong as the first earthquake, it was also destructive enough. Fortunately, in the first earthquake, those low-rise buildings, including Gaohe, who had visited the Diamond Club, could no longer resist this strong vibration, and his ruins became more dilapidated.
The aftershock lasted for a few minutes, and the dust dispersed all over New new york. It was a rubble field, and there was no intact building in Fiona Fang for more than ten kilometers.
Earthquakes of varying degrees have also occurred in several surrounding cities. However, due to the distance, the seismic waves have been greatly weakened when they were broadcast. Although the shaking felt very strong, there was a preparation situation and there was a slight loss. Gaohe’s base also felt very clear and continuous shaking. Military buildings and materials are more secure than the people, and there is no problem.
In just ten minutes, New new york, the largest city in Beta, completely disappeared from all maps. The circle that represents New new york on the map can tell anyone that it is in ruins.
Miracle! Miracle! Such a disaster happened alive. In front of all the audience, there was no death in this prehistoric disaster, only hundreds of people were slightly injured. What other word can describe this event more satisfactorily than miracle? If there’s anything to say, it’s a miracle with a word in front of it!
If there is no military earthquake prediction, if there is no military forced evacuation, if there is no local government’s strong cooperation, the immediate disaster may be expanded several times, and 50 million people will be killed or injured. None of the so-called experts and scholars who just kept questioning the military action can bear it.
At present, the military has surprisingly failed to explain the fact that the number of troops responsible for maintaining security has been withdrawn after the completion of all evacuation operations. They should have left the base without any excuse, but silently tried their best to cooperate with the local government to complete the evacuation work before.
Everything comes from the feeling of Gaohe, from the feeling of several generals to Gaohe, and from their decisive orders. If there is no miracle in such a disaster, the root of this miracle is Gaohe and four generals.
No matter what information about aid and disaster relief is broadcast, the Panther walks up to Gao He and holds his shoulder tightly. He is an insider. Faced with this situation, tens of millions of people have lost their lives, and the Panther has no idea what to say to express it in this way.
Beauty has always been around Gaohe. From the moment of disaster, beauty held Gaohe tightly in one hand and never let go. Gaohe didn’t know whether he was attracted by the scene and didn’t pay attention or whether he liked it. In turn, he held the beauty hand until now.
Tens of millions of people were born because of a mandatory evacuation order from the military. At this moment, no one is dissatisfied with the previous mandatory order. Although the military has not said a word so far, there is a word in the hearts of ordinary people, especially the original new new york citizens, to express their gratitude-the merits of Wanjiasheng Buddha!
Chapter 41 His influence ()
Several people watched the live broadcast of this thrilling earthquake, which is also the first time in human history to record the actual situation from the vibration of the earthquake center to the broadcast of earthquake waves so completely, because there are a few dozen TV stations in New new york with different angles and different pictures that are relatively complete.
And these stations quickly formed an alliance for the first time to share the pictures taken by their cameramen with each other, and each station played them circularly.
In these rolling pictures, everyone, whether military supporters or skeptics, expressed high praise for the military’s compulsory action. Although the military has not yet expressed its position, it is impossible to win the unanimous praise of almost all mankind, and it has reached an unprecedented height among ordinary people.