"Why don’t we just turn against his mother? I left a mind’s eye and secretly hid some weapons …" Someone suddenly whispered.

July 2, 2024

The captain was shocked when he heard everyone complaining. At this moment, he was shocked when he heard that someone was going to start an uprising.
"Don’t! Don’t be impulsive. See the one who just led? The base is miserable because of this robot. Do you want to become a cosmic fireworks?
Even if we succeed in killing a group of eyeing mecha around them, we can be torn to pieces in an instant!
We don’t worry that the other party has guaranteed that everyone is absolutely safe, and after today, we will pay attention to the situation that there will never be a pit for everyone! "
Just as the captain was trying to appease everyone, a younger brother came out to relieve him.
"You can rest assured that ghost captain is not so horrible.
I have a brother who was a Golden Tooth Pirate before. I heard that after voting for ghost captain, he not only retreated from the first line of combat to the second line, but the treatment was not worse than ours day by day.
Don’t say that personal safety is absolutely guaranteed. Two days ago, I saw him send a circle of friends and said that he would return to his hometown to marry his wife after earning enough a suite.
Who do you hang out with these days?
Mechanical equipment that is notoriously advanced ghost captain and competitive list strong heard that also has a strange mecha maybe we can also alongside a thigh this time! "
"Of course!"
"Well … I think we can wait and see again …"
As for the major "ship faction" players, they quickly received the fleet, and at the same time, they just came back from the battlefield to repair the Ryan soldiers, and the hangar was surrounded by a group of robots.
"wow! Is this the Ryan clan? This head! This muscle! Even the gray skin is textured! "
"The tragic race that failed in the literary hegemony resolutely joined the pirate camp in ghost captain against the slavery and exploitation of Woolf Empire.
Ethnic characteristics, strong physique and high-speed reflex nerves … Hey! Look at this background introduction. It’s definitely the elite NPC that didn’t run away! "
"Well … it’s a fresh contrast with those pirates whose heads are marked with codes and even their names are perfunctory …"
"What a group of mighty Han if this is followed by a kill a piece of black acerbity will eldest brother! I don’t know if I won’t recruit later? "
"It’s always right to take advantage of the player’s low brush and high goodwill!"
Just had a big fight and was responsible for returning at the latest. Spartak just got out of the mecha cab and saw such a harmonious picture of man-machine communication.
The "Little Black" robot has been installed with ghost pirate groups one after another soon after it was put into production, but at ordinary times it is just a burden for some base guards, and the performance is normal.
In the eyes of pirates and Ryan people in the base, this is an armed patrol robot with no different combat effectiveness from that seen in the past, which is generally a little smarter at best.
Before today, no one expected that these dorks could have been doormen, and they would have become the striker of this battle, and it was incredible that they scored the goal and finished it.
This makes everyone sit up and take notice of the combat effectiveness of this robot. Many pirates think that this is a killer weapon for ghost captain to hide a mechanical family … the kind of master in wartime in sweeping monk.
However, the fact that the evaluation has been limited does not prevent Sparta from falling into a short-term "Sparta" state for the first time.
He didn’t know anything for such a short time. These robots are like a new "person", as if they were possessed by some unknown creature.
Is this the powerful "brush machine" ability of the mechanical family?
Yes, these robots are the last lucky ones in the previous beheading.
To some extent, they got through the first act of the game and got the qualification to continue to promote the development of the plot … which appeared here.
However, their number has dropped from 50,000 to less than 500 now.
Although it is almost suicidal to consume execution, the battle damage rate of over 99% is still quite heavy, and the cruelty of the battlefield can be seen.
Of course, this battle damage has no demoralizing significance for players.
On the contrary, the player, a creature, will have high morale from time to time for various inexplicable reasons.
For example, because a player in the crowd took one more look at Spartak, and then he burst out with a word, he completely ignited the players …
"Gold … golden NPC!"