Golden blood turns into a small fish swimming, which is the sun god. The sperm blood keeps circling and emitting hot flames.

July 1, 2024

"Yes … this is the sun god fish!"
Take it out and go straight out of the treasure cabinet …
Da ji only followed the guard to practice in the Imperial Heaven.
Tongtian Jian Mu Yu Tian swallowed the blood of the sun god fish essence.
The golden flame burns instantly and ignites the royal celestial body.
The hot flame is even more powerful in restraining celestial bodies from wreaking havoc. The so-called plough method is to devour the essence and blood of the beast and refine it according to the cave orifices of the beast, so this body can evolve into a real beast.
At the moment, this JingXie is constantly burning, but facing the Imperial Heaven, the root of the earth body is to resist and directly enter some acupoints according to the Imperial Heaven’s mind to evolve the Sun God fish acupoints.
Just for a moment, the vast innate aura is full, especially the vast wood gas convergence of the towering building wood is to ignite these golden flames, and the flame refines the imperial body and slowly evolves into a golden fish to ignite the real fire of the sun.
The sun, the god of fish, is the true fire of the sun.
Smiling lightly, he said indifferently, "This is the perfect thing for the sun god fish to want to enter the Yellow River!"
A turn into a statue
Da ji heard, "Does my husband want to jump into the Yellow River?"
"Um … what’s the matter? Is there anything wrong? " Imperial question!
Da ji nodded and said, "Entering the Yellow River Jumping Dragon Gate is something that many people have thought about, but it is suppressed when entering the Yellow River realm, so it takes some monks to practice. However, when the carp was in yue longmen, the great avatar could not hurt the Yellow River carp, otherwise it would inevitably suffer from the Yellow River veins and Dongsheng China’s earth force itself, but also bear the resentment of Tianlong and carp.
However, the Yellow River is not untested, and there are a number of fish nemesis waiting for it. These are some unintelligent beasts, maybe some intelligent monsters, but these are carp nemesis, so it still needs some hardships to enter Longmen, especially after entering Longmen, it can’t really turn into a dragon. This is a certain chance, especially the dragon race can’t be sure! "
Chapter 5 Longmen
"Race is uncertain?"
Imperial question at da ji.
There are many truly pure veins of the dragon, that is, the nine-claw golden dragon. This is the prototype of the dragon, but there is also a Candle dragon, a Candle dragon comparable to the dragon, and a magic dragon with nine claws in the inferno. This is also comparable to the dragon, but it belongs to the inferno.
But apart from these three kinds of dragons, there are countless red dragons, green dragons and white dragons …
It can be said that Tianlong is definitely the first clan.
It’s a pity that this clan only reflects the number of dragons, but there are not many real masters, but when the number is too large, the dragon will bring back people, resulting in the emergence of several races, and many monsters will bring some dragon blood.
Therefore, carp yue longmen can be transformed into a dragon, but it is not clear what kind of dragon it is, maybe it is a red dragon or a dragon!
Da ji continued, "Husband … once you cross the Longmen, it will turn into a dragon, but it is unclear what race it is. However, in those days, the demon race once tried to devour the vast dragon spirit and aura all the way. The dragon blood in this blood is easy to turn into a dragon, which may or may not be able to evolve according to the blood.
Sun Shen fish doesn’t have dragon blood, so it doesn’t know what dragon it can evolve into. Therefore, my husband needs to think about it. If you want to go, you might as well choose a fish with ancestral dragon blood, which can definitely turn into a dragon with my husband’s ability, but Sun Shen fish is not clear. "
I didn’t expect this Longmen to have such a saying after the change of the look of the Imperial Heaven. "Even if it can’t be turned into a dragon, it’s still a problem. I just want to get the ancestral dragon dragon emperor’s inheritance when I go to Longmen this time!"
Speaking of these imperial days, there are also some expectations. The first cultivation of the imperial way in this vast world is that the beast emperor is rebellious, that is, the real beast emperor said that it is rebellious, although it is also a savage beast, but it is far from the real rebellious.
During the savage beast period, Hong Jun and Luo Wei were all hanged by God, and the three congenital families were all food in God’s mouth. However, after the savage beast disaster, Zulong was the second to practice the imperial way.
Emperor Dao, that is, Zulong, has perfected the evolution of emperor Qi to form a dragon shape. Therefore, emperor Qi is also called dragon Qi. The stronger the dragon Qi, the stronger the emperor Dao will be. Imperial Heaven gathers several worlds, and the evolution of emperor Qi doesn’t know how to make it like qi transported into the body to enhance its combat power. This is the magical power created by Zulong.
Thinking of the Imperial Heaven here is to look forward to looking forward to the third practice of Emperor Wang Cheng, the Zulong Emperor, that is, Di Jun. However, King’s Landing in Di Jun was suppressed by the witchcraft.
However, it is clear to the Imperial Heaven that the Imperial Road is definitely a road as powerful as Hong Jun’s fear.
My mind has decided to enter the Yellow River, and it is not easy for da ji to stop just saying, "After the dragon is transformed, it can continue to be pure blood, especially after crossing Longmen, it will withstand the test of thunder robbery, which can refine blood, so whether it can become a dragon or not is just watching thunder robbery, and maybe my husband can create a new dragon!"
Yutian laughed, "This is natural!"
A few days later, the Yellow River entrance
At the moment, carp here is surging forward like a beach.
The Imperial Heaven watched several people turn into the sun god fish and rushed towards the Yellow River instantly.
It is somewhat inconvenient to turn into a sun god fish.
However, when the time flashed, many golden carp swam directly to the estuary of the Yellow River from all directions, but it was not safe all the way. Many golden carp were killed in the mouth of the sea behemoth, and those golden carp who were weak or unintelligent were swallowed up by these sea creatures. Only those goldfish who were slightly stronger and lucky were lucky.
Moreover, Yu Tian found that with the increase of golden carp, some huge monsters and behemoths in the deep sea also increased slowly.
"Ho …!"
While Imperial Heaven was watching, a huge roar came from a huge deep-water canyon, and a huge black dumpling hundreds of meters long emerged from the bottom of the valley and bit Imperial Heaven at a flash speed.
Yu Tianyan "roll!" with a hint of murder.
Seeing this huge black dumpling, Yutian’s face is indifferent and full of anger. After all this way, Yutian is a spectator, mainly looking for the dragon spirit and the dragon ball bearing. Who knew that the appearance of such a dragon was simply to die?
At the moment, the imperial realm is suppressed, but the earth body is still
A fishtail turned and rushed at the dragon.
"Boom …"
For a moment, the black dragon was instantly hit, and even the current could not stop the impact of the earth.
There is black dumpling, although it is huge, but it is just an ordinary monster beast who has just entered fairyland. This huge size is also a dragon feature, and its strength is really not enough.
A tail will fly away, and then the golden flame will emerge and fall directly on the dragon body.
"No …"
The dragon roared, but the golden flame turned to dust.
You know, the magic of the sun god fish is the real fire of the sun, and this flame momentum can be resisted by a small dragon
Kill the dragon and continue to swim towards the Yellow River.
At this time, the imperial heaven can feel a special breath, which is the dragon breath, a dragon breath full of ancient flavor, which slowly converges towards the imperial celestial body
Imperial heaven has no dragon veins, but I feel that this breath still transforms itself.
This is the ancestral dragon spirit. I followed this breath and wanted to find the source of ancestral dragon spirit, but I found that the root was the shadow.
I can’t imagine rushing towards you again. The closer I get to Longmen, the stronger the smell is. Maybe I can find the trace of Zulong!
Chapter 59 Yellow River Experience
Yutian swam all the way to the Yellow River and met several monsters. Facing these monsters, Yutian just swept past.
As da ji said, the dragon spirit entering the Yellow River is constantly converging, but the realm is also reduced, especially for carp, but it is not reduced for some monsters. Most of these monsters have no spiritual beasts and are not subject to these restrictions. Even some spiritual beasts are not enough.