Chapter two hundred and sixteen The magic body secret

June 30, 2024

"Worm, how do you know what happened at that moment?" Gu Qingshan drink a way
"I don’t know if I remember this, but-"
One person and one bug look at the picture at the same time.
See the previous generation of emperor in situ look dull and motionless.
In the reincarnation day, there was a burst of wailing, and I wanted to release the operation again to attack the worm behind the Emperor of Heaven.
The dragon god suddenly grabbed the reincarnation day and grinned, "I don’t see how you can deal with us without the master!" "
The monster transformed by one man’s life-saving operation will also fall in front of the Emperor, and the head of the Emperor will be crushed with one hand.
"Don’t kill him," said the pale giant.
"What?" Asked the monster
"Everything about him has been transformed into that insect body … now it’s me who stays with him." The pale giant proudly said.
"Have you evolved another layer?" The monster could not help but ask
"For this layer, it should be called reversal … it is a higher-level technique that can restrain all powerful enemies, just like this."
The dragon god also said, "Kill the Emperor of Heaven and he will be reincarnated immediately. It is best not to kill him."
The pale giant nodded slightly and the beetle behind the Emperor waved.
Beetles fly in front of the pale giant
"This beetle’s body sealed his memory with the soul of the Emperor of Heaven and was endowed with immortal characteristics by me-"
"It will live forever as a worm and never remember the past."
The pale giant reached out and flicked at the beetle.
Suddenly the beetle flew into the virtual turbulence and disappeared.
The picture ends here.
Gu Qingshan couldn’t help saying, "It’s not right. Even if the reversal technique is strong, how can you not even have a little resistance?"
"I don’t know! I forgot something important! " Eternal mind-grabbing way
"Is it a miracle?" Gu Qingshan thought.
"no! At that moment, the three techniques have not become stronger with the help of six channels, and The six great divisions in the wheel of karma has not yet reached a certain layer of virtual high dimension-"
A scream of pain broke out in the middle of the eternal yearning.
It twitched all over, spouting blood.
"No, I can’t remember!"
The eternal dreamer screamed hysterically.
a moment
The black statue reappeared in the clouds, emitting grotesque runes.
These runes flew towards Gu Qingshan one by one.
A line of scarlet fine print appears in the void.
"Pay attention to the fact that you are accepting the’ reverse’ face of all kinds of ignorance."