A flash of light

June 29, 2024

Gu Qingshan showed his figure and looked up into the sky.
See hundreds of doomsday monsters constantly attacking a Terran man.
The man was covered in blood, but with a stabbing sword, the monsters kept fighting.
Many monsters were killed by him and retreated again and again.
A huge monster way
"Surrender. If you resist again, assassins will appear and they will take your life directly."
The man vomitted an one mouthful blood foam sneered, "I will not surrender even if I die, and your master will not get information from me."
He felt a surge of heroic momentum.
"Come on, if it’s a big deal, I’ll give up my life and you’ll both die!"
Seeing that he is going to crash and burn-
Suddenly a sound rang in his heart.
"The crow surrendered to me."
Male and foolish
I saw a black shadow flying by with a pale osteotome in my hand.
"It’s me"
The shadow raised a long bone knife over many monsters and shouted, "Death or surrender?"
The man cold hum a head high way "surrender, of course"
Chapter five hundred and twenty-five Doomsday Summoner
Crow’s hands and feet were shackled.
These chains are all over the grotesque texture, giving off a heavy and dark light.
"Hey, when can I take these things off?" Crow said
When Gu Qingshan looked at him, he showed pain and difficulty.
"If you want to fool them less, you can’t be careless. You must bear it first." Gu Qingshan was unmoved
He grabbed the crow by the neck and said in front of many doomsday monsters, "I have finished catching it."
Wait for a breath
A voice sounded in the void, "You can get a reward on the spot if you confirm it, or you can choose to escort the target to the evil world for more rewards."
Ghost world?
Gu Qingshan did not hesitate to say, "I choose to escort."
The track "please wait for the flight shuttle to arrive soon"
At this time, his doomsday monsters seem to have got him, and he flew away in twos and threes to different places.
Gu Qingshan in situ quietly waiting.
Virtual toward both sides back a taupe behemoth appeared Gu Qingshan eyes.
-This is a dragon.
Gu Qingshan immediately get serious.
Dragons are not easy to mess with!
In the past, Qinglong took refuge in evil spirits, and now there is a gray-brown dragon belonging to the doomsday camp.
"Are you the Broken Bone Shadow of the Doomsday Assassin?" Grey brown dragon looked at his way
Gu Qingshan is not in a hurry to respond.
He looked at the virtual ares interface and jumped out of a line of fireflies.
"Because you are a dragon and your physical strength and status are higher than that of the spell-casting dragon, you can know that it is casting the secret spell shadow gray dragon spell."
"A dragon spell covers you. When you speak, the dragon spell will take effect immediately."
"Shadow-Grey Dragon Spell Capture When your enemy talks, the spell will turn into shadow-Grey Dragon Spell Capture and sneak into the other person’s mind to get what they think synchronously."
Gu Qingshan did not do it with his mouth closed.
-early know you are a dirty goods also want to seduce me to talk?
The gray-brown dragon saw that he ignored himself and continued, "Do you need a rest?"
Gu Qingshan shook his head.
"Are you going to escort this human to the evil world?"
Gu Qingshan nodded.
The gray-brown dragon won’t give up flattery. "So many people didn’t take this guy just now, but you finished it, and you’re still good."
Gu Qingshan shrugged his shoulders and showed a hint of disdain.
Gas becomes quiet.
Grey brown dragon stared at this guy in front of him.
-he’s so slack!
Forget it. I just had a whim to test this guy
Since he is so cautious, don’t continue to probe, otherwise, in case he gets angry, wouldn’t it be a fight to mediate once the end comes?
The gray-brown dragon put away his thoughts and nodded. "Come to my back and we are ready to go."
Gu Qingshan carrying crow gently jumped down the dragon’s back.
"Let’s go!" Grey brown dragon roared