Even this siege experience is only learned slowly after paying a great price of death and injury, that is, it can slightly reduce some deaths and injuries when they siege.

June 28, 2024

If not, even if this siege war comes, there will not be hundreds of casualties, and maybe all of them will be able to break thousands.
Damon and A Mu followed Barr Sboro back to the camp. A Mu couldn’t help saying to Barr Sboro, "When shall we withdraw?"
Barr Sboro, a look at a few people slowly shook his head. "I’m going to make a final attack on Beijing and then withdraw!" I don’t know what you mean? "
A few people smell speech is not from one leng Barr Sboro, who gave up. He never thought that he wanted to make a final attempt. Looking at Barr Sboro, Damon was very clear to several people. Even if they opposed it, it would not change Barr Sboro’s idea.
Now that Baal Sboro has made a decision, their support is the last time anyway. There have been so many siege attacks these days, and it is not much. This time, Baal Sboro will really withdraw his troops as he said once the siege fails.
Several people glanced at A Mu and said to Baal Sboro, "Since the temple’s idea has been decided, I naturally didn’t say anything. I hope that the blessing of longevity will enable us to break through Beijing!"
With the support of several people, Barr Sboro’s mouth smiled a little. "Let the army go to eat and drink. Early in the morning, the army will attack the city with one stroke!"
Soon Baal Sboro decided to go all over the army. Many Tatars heard that they would either break the city or withdraw their troops in the future. Many people cheered.
No matter how little the result is, it’s better to spend a little energy on this wall. Shao Ba Sboro gave the result, didn’t he?
The city wall Zhang Mao has gone to rest for physical reasons, and the city wall is composed of Han Kun, Lu Dazhu and Cheng Xiangwu. It is necessary to ensure that every moment someone is in charge of the overall situation of the Yugoslav capital.
At the moment, it was Han Kun who sat in a few generals to accompany Han Kun and looked at the Tatar barracks in the distance. Suddenly, the cheers in the Tatar barracks attracted Han Kun and other generals to raise eyebrows.
Bailong is a guerrilla general who is highly valued by Han Kun. Looking at the Tatar barracks in the distance, Bailong can’t help but say to Han Kun, "General, what the hell is this Tatar? Why do you suddenly burst into cheers? Make it look like how cheap they are. "
Han Kun is staring at the Tatar barracks with a frown. "I don’t know what these Tatars are suddenly howling."
A general wears a tie and disdains, "What does the general care about their ghosts howling? Anyway, we need to guard the city wall."
Han Kun heard the words and laughed. "Good, let’s leave the Tatars alone and keep the city safe."
Bai Long said with a smile, "I’ll see if these Tatars are stupid and even should withdraw their troops. If they spend so much time, they will lose out in the end. If they say that Tian Qin Wang Dajun Yun wants to go by then, they will even have to leave."
Smoothing his beard, Han Kun squinted with a somewhat disappointed look in his eyes. "It’s a pity that there are too few cavalry in the capital. Even the local army of diligent soldiers adds up to ten thousand cavalry. Otherwise, the general must go out of the city to fight against these Tatars."
Bailong said, "The generals are mighty, but the generals don’t have to worry. When the Tatars withdraw, we may not have no chance to go out of the city to pursue the Tatars."
Except for the cheers, there was no change in the Tatar barracks. It was so calm until Lu Dazhu led Qinbing and cultivated, when the foot soldiers replaced the foot soldiers guarding the city.
With Lu Dazhu confessed Han Kun to the city.
Just as Han Kun was preparing to rest, he saw several palace attendants coming in a hurry.
"I have seen General Han!"
Han Kun hurriedly said with a ceremony, "Han Kun has seen my father-in-law. I don’t know if my father-in-law is here, but do you have any orders?"
It’s very polite to wait on Han Kun around these days, but I dare not turn away at all.
The eunuch said with a smile, "I have a command from Korea to get into the palace quickly!"
Han Kun was very curious about what happened when he was suddenly called into the palace, but although he was puzzled in his heart, it was still the first time to accompany the eunuch into the palace.
Lu Hankun learned from the eunuch that he was not the only one who went out of the palace this time. He was not the only one who summoned him, including British officials, Cheng Xiangwu and Jiao Fang.
It can be said that this is the second time that a number of civil and military officials have gathered in the palace. After all, these days, Jiao Fang, a Tatar outside the city, and other civil servants are busy preparing for the guarding city army, and the military supplies and provisions needed by the continuous army are needed.
Entering a hall, Han Kun found Jiao Fang, Chen Ding, Cheng Xiangwu and others waiting in the hall.
See Han Kun line to a few people nodded toward Han Kun Cheng Xiangwu is got up and toward Han Kun way "general Korea outside the Tatars have nothing to do!"
Han Kun smiled and said to Jiao Fang and others, "The Tatars recently launched an offensive, but they were beaten back. I don’t know what the hell they were doing, but there was no change."
It is quite natural for the Tatars to move. After hearing what Han Kun said, several people can’t help but look at Han Kun.
Han Kun had to tell everyone what the Tatars cheered in the military camp not long ago. Finally, there was nothing wrong with the Tatars, and everyone was at ease.
After all, there are still more than 70,000 troops outside the city to strengthen the Ma Zhuang Tatar army. If there is any change, it will directly affect the hearts of all people.
Everyone sat down. Han Kun was curious and said to Jiao Fang, "I don’t know if the records of adults have called everyone here this time, but is there anything urgent?"
Jiao Fang shook his head slightly. "It’s really not clear that the old man is also in the cabinet and will say that he is calling everyone."
Jiao Fang may know why God called them, but he never thought of Jiao Fang himself, and Chen Ding and others could not help but look puzzled.
Just as he was talking, he heard the voice of a foreign waiter, "Here we are!"
The rest of the original hall, the civil and military smell, quickly got up and looked towards the entrance of the hall.
I saw Zhu Houzhao beaming with a dragon robe and full of energy.
"Long live the courtiers! Long live the courtiers!"
Zhu Houzhao turned to sit and looked at Jiao Fang, Han Kun and others with a slight wave of hands and said, "Everyone is polite!"
"Thank you!"
Sign for Jiao Fang, Han Kun and others to take their seats. Zhu Houzhao’s face lit up with a smile that could not be concealed. Seeing Zhu Houzhao’s reaction like this, they all put their hearts away.
It’s certainly not a bad thing that Zhu Houzhao called them here this time, otherwise Zhu Houzhao wouldn’t be so happy.
The cabinet records can be said to be the heads of civil and military officials, stroking their beards and smiling at Zhu Houzhao. "I don’t know what you’re here for?"
Zhu Houzhao’s eyes swept away and finally fell to the first place on the right. That was the British public servant Zhang Mao, but Zhang Mao obviously didn’t come at the moment.
Zhu Houzhao smiled slightly. "The British Lord hasn’t arrived yet. Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll tell you!"
Said Zhu Houzhao looked Han Kun, Cheng Xiangwu several people face with a kind of smile, "these days it is hard for a few generals, but for you not afraid of the sword to guard Beijing, I could not sit in the Forbidden City."
Zhu Houzhao said that Han Kun, Cheng Xiangwu and others quickly got up and said to Zhu Houzhao, "The pursuit of words is heavy, and the so-called body ministers such as eating Junlu and worrying about you should serve themselves."
Looking at Cheng Xiangwu and several people in Han Kun, Zhu Houzhao’s words are somewhat envious. "I really want to go to the city to fight the Tatars with all the soldiers …"
It’s a pity that no one in the crowd can promise this, which really makes Zhu Houzhao’s wall come true. It’s all right if there is a little accident. How many heads do these people have enough to cut off?
Seeing that everyone refused to answer his words, Zhu Houzhao couldn’t help smiling bitterly. If he had just ascended the throne, he might have gone to the front line on impulse regardless of the opposition of the minister of civil and military affairs.
However, in recent years, Chu Yi’s influence on Zhu Houzhao has changed a lot, and he is less aware of what he should do and what he should not do as a king.
Now that you have done it, you must bear some constraints brought by this position. As the saying goes, if you want to wear a crown, you must bear the weight.