This strange place needs to be further studied, but the brain spirit is indeed sent back by the moon. At that moment, the energy it sends will spread around and then some troops will be included.

June 27, 2024

When Lin thought so, the creator continued, "Those troops hide the fluff in your world, but it is difficult for them to do anything at first, and the brain can command them through long-distance signals."
"But this effect is not very good, so they make a new technology," said the creator. "You just said that you feel energy, which means they make this technology."
This can be called’ delayed delivery’, which allows them to book something to be delivered first. The scheduled object will not appear directly, but will appear only when certain circumstances are stimulated.
"Stimulation may take effect in many ways, such as explosion at a specific place or any signal stimulation," the creator said, "so that this technology can continue to invade your world exhibition without publicity."
"Now your ideas are very fluffy. You want to know about this technology and how they work. I think they may have something installed near your world, which is a scheduled delivery device, but if you want to know all this in detail … help me get here. From here, we can launch a new round of attack on the brain exhibition."
"This place belongs to my fluff."
As she spoke, a large number of tentacles in front of the velvet ball were in the middle of each other. They were all broken, but Lin found that they seemed to be able to join the sections together to form a strange shape.
It looks like a lot of tentacles piled together, which is somewhat like some kind of weird sea creature, but of course it doesn’t really look like this.
The creator thinks that it can control this area, and it calls this area the’ crack area’. This is what the creator said. It seems that this area can be perfectly controlled if it is’ connected’ with it, and some rules can be set by itself.
Therefore, although it is limited here, the creator still likes this place very much.
"Now that fluff touches my tentacles, I can’ share’ your feelings about the world and control this area."
"You mean you can share my feelings about my surroundings through me?"
Lynn can perceive the world around her after being forced into a dream, and the creator seems to think that she can do it.
"Yes, come on, fluffy, I will share your ability … I can use this ability to attack other places and occupy this huge’ dream’ world."
Lin hesitated a little, then flew to the creator’s tentacle pile and gently put a fluff on the tentacle.
"Very good fluff I can connect to …"
"What’s going on!"
Lin suddenly felt that the creator had a feeling of doubt, and when this feeling became stronger and stronger, the surrounding scenery became blurred.
"… here is …"
When the surrounding scenery became clear again, Lin saw a huge wall made of metal, and there seemed to be some strange things crawling around the metal wall.
"What …"
Suddenly, behind Lin came the creator’s mood, which contained extreme surprise. Creators rarely have this mood.
When Lin turned around, she found a huge tree behind her. It was in the center of this metal room. It was difficult to say that this tree was … the creator?
And this is … reality?
Chapter three hundred and fifty Mechanical perspective
"Is this … reality?"
Lin looked at the creature in front of her. This tree is obviously the creator.
And it is now … is in a state of being imprisoned.
This’ tree’ is now trapped in a can-and-can height extending from the bottom to the top of the house, completely covering it.
The creator’s large number of tentacles are buried in the house like roots. Although they are invisible, Lin thinks that the tentacles should be fixed like faces.
And Guan Lin also saw many moving objects, which looked like small squares. They flew slowly around the creator in the jar, and occasionally a sharp thorn stuck from the bottom into the creator’s’ skin’ and seemed to inject something into it.
Maybe it’s some kind of special’ potion’? Perhaps the brain spirit relies on this to keep the creator in a deep sleep.
And this place … should be the place where the creator was imprisoned in reality, and this is its real body.
But what will come here? In the previous dream, the creator let the fluffy ball’ share the feeling’ with it. It thought that it could control that area, but at the moment of sharing, Lin found that she had arrived at this place.