"Come on, it’s been so long, and you’re not used to it. That’s what people call things. Let’s honestly do our own lessons!"

June 26, 2024

The female professor in the massage class took a strange look at this beautiful girl with a bright face of ice and snow, and hesitated for half a day before she could not help but say, "Are you and Jianghan boyfriend and girlfriend?"
Actually, this female professor has always been curious about whether Jianghan and Gan Yixin are boyfriend and girlfriend. Every time, all the leaders in this academically excellent school praised the girl for helping Jianghan to take a seat. To say that they are the kind, apart from helping to take a seat together, they have never had intimate actions. Jianghan has shown some reactions and rejected Gan Yixin!
"Is it a woman chasing a man?" This knowledgeable young female professor began to look at Gan Yixin in her heart, then at Jianghan and shook her head, feeling that her thoughts were too unrealistic. After all, he didn’t think this little girl deserved Gan Yixin!
"No teacher!" Gan Yixin turned red.
"If you don’t have a class, just think of it as a doctor and a patient who don’t care so much!"
Gan Yixin’s waxy sound is very magnetic, and when it comes out, it makes those animals absolutely fall!
"I rely on my heart to let me be your patient! A doctor will do! "
"Just don’t be Jianghan every time, and take care of us monks!"
Gan Yixin smiled and refused to respond.
The female professor nodded and didn’t want to delve into the past. Nowadays, young people, who have experienced it, are getting more and more puzzled!
Jianghan’s general style of courting Gan Yixin has long been a little epidemic, and there is nothing special about it. Just be a partner when you massage. Just treat it as if you are about to treat a patient!
"Good good everyone be quiet! Jianghan and Gan Yixin, a group of students, are free to combine in pairs. Let’s review a lesson and learn body massage techniques according to the steps in the video! "
The female professor turned on the projector and began to show it.
The monks in Taiwan began to pair up in pairs. For a class that is both male and straight, this kind of thing is still quite hard, so everyone turned this hard state of mind into jealousy and resentment, and turned their eyes to happiness.
Jianghan has been infected with these eyes since Zheng Sisi. Now this fellow is thicker than ass ingot meat and likes to despise you, although he despises you!
Jianghan casually lay down with a massage table and chose the role of the patient himself. Before lying down, this fellow was shameless enough to take off his coat and short sleeves and lie naked!
Gan Yixin is very serious and has no intention of others’ eyes, and he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with Jianghan taking off his clothes with bare arms! Help Jianghan massage from the middle line of Jianghan hairline!
The primary massage technique in the scientific stage is from the middle line of the hairline on the back to the human body. Gan Yixin’s hands are cold, but she is very skilled. When her hands touch her cheeks, Jianghan can’t help but groan.
Touching my conscience, Jianghan definitely didn’t get a bargain. It’s too comfortable to call that one!
But before he could return to absolute being from the aftertaste, Gan Yixin immediately let him breath a mouthful of air conditioning and then groan more from Jiang Hankou!
Don’t lift a bucket and drop it on your own feet!
"I depend on Jianghan, and you are finished!"
"Mom, don’t be afraid to die far away. Well, be careful. We’ll tell Sisi that you’ll be more than one bargained for!"
The children who are closest to him have already scolded him, and then all the animals in the whole massage laboratory crusaded against Jianghan on a large scale!
"Hey, Jianghan can’t see that you are so careful!" It’s rare to come to class once, but Xiaoqiang also teased everyone with input.
"What a man show heart is hidden in that human and animal face! Jianghan, your little hiding is really too deep!" Chen Yanguan, this fellow is also fueling the arrogance of this group of animals!
"Good good! Everyone will calm down and press the door, so you won’t do it. And everyone will also omit this step! "
The female professor really couldn’t watch it, which stopped a group of animals from whining. She looked at Jianghan again, and her eyes were a little more inexplicable.
"What’s wrong with this? Although the position of Chongmen point is awkward, it’s not such a big reaction!"
Jianghan bitter face in the heart of that injustice, he swear to god really didn’t mean to show off, but really responded naturally because of physical stimulation!
There is no problem with acupressure at Chongmen point, and it should be quite common in massage, but its position is quite embarrassing!
So where are you going to learn? Chongmen acupoint is 35 inches from the midpoint of pubic symphysis margin on the outside of groin, which is next to Jianghan Dingding’s thigh!
Jianghan came to this girl to avoid this step and go directly to the thigh massage step. I didn’t expect her to come so suddenly. Jianghan is not Liu Hui. He is a normal man, or a man who knows his taste and tastes. Soon after, a sensitive place of a man was touched by a heterosexual. If there is no specific stress reaction, it would be a real ghost. Don’t say anything about Jianghan’s ulterior motives. Male animals understand that this reaction is normal for a person who just ended his first brother status!
Jianghan is bitter now and can’t say why he defends himself. Everything is a bit ostentatious and animals are not as good as the taste. He simply pulls his face and closes his eyes to ignore the eyes and sounds next to him.
"Good teacher!"
Gan Yixin’s face didn’t have the slightest different color, and the female professor’s hand was immediately removed from Jianghan’s thigh embarrassment, as if the doctor’s attitude towards the patient was very professional and there was no bad blood.
Jianghan secretly closed his eyes and opened a small crack. Looking at the beautiful but meticulous, he started to massage Gan Yixin and shook his head gently!
"Is it my illusion to rest?"
A whisper in my heart, Jianghan closed his eyes again, but he closed his eyes. At the same time, the original meticulous Gan Yixin was blown up at the corner of his mouth, and she chuckled slightly, revealing a nifty smile that melted the ice. Unfortunately, Jiang Hangang couldn’t see it!
There are still many skirmishes between Jianghan and Gan Yixin, such as massage classes, but Jianghan, the client, keeps a distance from her with a blind eye every time. Although Gan Yixin has invited Jianghan many times, Jianghan, who lives alone in the dormitory, has never been there once.
"Come to my place?"
After class, Gan Yixin chased after Jianghan and made several failed invitations to Jianghan.
"It’s not appropriate to be alone after a while!" Jianghan invariably refused.
Gan Yixin’s eyes flashed a trace of loss, but it was quickly concealed by Yingying’s smile. "It won’t take you long to have a look on this side." She was not discouraged, with a smile on her face and a sincere expression.
"Still not really inappropriate!"
Jianghan once again refused to be fair. Jianghan thought that Gan Yixin was definitely a first-class beauty with white skin and beautiful height and legs like a fairy, but the more he did, the more vigilant he became.
It is not true that Jianghan has pride, but he is not so arrogant that a great beauty will fall in love with him at first sight. What’s worse, he already has Zheng Sisi’s double-line exercise, which is really not suitable for Jianghan.
"All right ~!" Gan Yixin smiled again with some relief.