The only thing to worry about is physical injury.

June 25, 2024

Chapter two hundred and sixty Crazy
Gu Qingshan took out the Baihuaxian jade bottle specially for him, poured out a grain of healing medicine and fed it into his mouth.
This is the best medicine to treat the body at present.
As soon as the elixir entered the mouth, it turned into a clear stream and fell into the abdomen, then scattered into the bones of the limbs.
The pain in the body dissipates, the warmth gradually grows, and the meridians are almost broken and gradually return to their original state.
The spirit of boiling and rushing in the abdomen was appeased and gradually calmed down.
Recover quickly.
Suddenly, his physical pain gradually disappeared and was replaced by intense tingling.
Soon the numbness and itching disappeared.
Now Gu Qingshan is in a state of minor injuries.
This Dan medicine can be seen by Baihuaxian and then handed to Gu Qingshan solemnly, which proved to be extraordinary.
It’s a pity that the quantity is too small, there are only two.
Gu Qingshan accepted the flying boat and silently observed the battlefield.
He squinted back and forth and quickly scored the whole battlefield situation.
Terran attacks are powerful, and often several attacks can kill a large number of demons.
But there are too many demons.
Gu Qingshan saw with his own eyes that there was a monk who practiced magic in the far distance. He didn’t come to escape after resting for a moment and was swallowed up by the demon tide.
Demons keep coming, which makes people feel desperate.
How can there be so many demons?
Gu Qingshan is far-sighted
Seeing the fire and rain behind the demon from the sky and the love sweeping the earth.
This is the law to resist the evil spirit of terror, to avoid the fire and rain, and to run in this direction.
As a result, the pressure on Terran monks is even greater.
Rapid supplement of Terran monks’ long-term physical and mental energy consumption method
And the number of demons has increased and decreased more and more.
The balance of victory and defeat gradually tilted towards the demon side.
If we go according to this situation, the Terran will be defeated.
I wonder what happened there in this fire and rain.
Is this a coincidence or is there something unknown and deliberate?
Gu Qingshan thought silently for a moment and was at a loss.
This is an unknown world, and we need to explore deeper to know the truth.
And now-
He shook hands with the ground sword and prompted the sword tactic.
The sword buzzed. "Do you still want to fight? Even if there is a top healing panacea, you need to rest for a few days to get better. "
"I need to fight another battle until I feel about the impact of Yuan Ying" Gu Qingshan said.