When he arrived in Daqing, all the ferries around Daqing were taken over or destroyed by the Jin army, which did not make him wonder that he was fully prepared and could move without the Jin army here.

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However, when we really take action, we find that it is extremely difficult and dangerous, and we have to cross the river and overcome the danger. We also have to face a commanding attack and set up a defensive position on the other side. When crossing the river, it is very dangerous, let alone after boarding the river bank.
This difficulty is like facing two cities, you have to attack the first one before you can conquer the second one, which makes Su Haisheng suffer a lot.
He told Qilu Corps that the fighting capacity was not weak. When Su Yonglin conquered Zhongdu, he immediately mobilized Su Haisheng to lead an army to attack Hedong. He led Qilu Corps, which was poorly organized, to bring the whole Hedong.
Hedong 8 jin j and xu jin guo officials surrendered a lot in haste, but they dared to resist.
Three wars, three skirmishes, and twenty-two battles. Su Haisheng never lost the First World War.
Surprise attack on Taiyuan, siege on Pingyang, forced landing on the middle of the river, he played beautifully in these battles.
In a few months, Qilu Corps killed more than 10,000 Jin J and more than 200 civil servants and military attaché s, and the heads of Hedong were rolling and making great names.
Su Haisheng himself took the position of the first commander of Qilu Corps, and people questioned it instead of letting people gossip-it was because Su Yonglin personally brought out his cronies that he got such an important position.
Although after Qilu Corps regrouped, some effective troops were split by Su Yonglin and filled into the backbone of his new army, Su Haisheng led the Tianxing Army.
At present, Qilu Corps is almost composed of Tianxing Army, and it will not lose to an army if it dares to fight and fight bravely.
However, in the face of the natural barrier of the Yellow River and the danger of Daqing, Su Haisheng tried his best to achieve little result. The war missed a beach position in one month, and 8 Jin Army still controlled several military fortresses waiting for him to chew them one by one.
He has lost more than 700 soldiers, more than 300 of whom were drowned in the Yellow River. He was very sad to see that he couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and took Hedong, but his pride was swept away and he was full of bitterness.
In this stall, the support troops sent by Zhou surprised the defenders of Daqing from behind, and the rapid collapse caused a chain reaction, which made the 8 Jin Army in the fortress outside the city panic and almost collapse.
Su Haisheng hardly hesitated when he heard the news, and let the army line attack and crush the military headquarters in Daqing.
Anger pent up for a month once the army was released, it rose like a mountain calling a tsunami and flocked to the position of 8 Jin J. Even Su Haisheng himself was red-eyed and killed seven Jin Bing personally.
As a result, more than 6,000 people were killed and 3,000 people were captured alive after the Great War, and the casualty ratio was quite outrageous.
When Jing Tianyou, who was in charge of receiving Qilu Corps, found Su Haisheng, Su Haisheng still clamored to kill all the gold thieves before he calmed down.
But he still calm down and looked at the whole body bloody JingTianYou depressed with a face of blood.
"In the end, can you still divide your troops to help me get it?"
"I took it"
"Who is the first?"
Zhou Zhixue, the official of You Yijun, found a long-abandoned path that could directly go around the rear of Tong to attack Tong Jin Jun’s unguarded place. We took the main force of Tong Jin Jun’s dead army and are now heading to Chang ‘an.
Jing Tianyou honestly told Su Haisheng about the achievements of Henan Corps.
"Well, Zhang Yuejing’s youngest son is really lucky."
Su Haisheng nai smiled and patted Jing Tianyou on the shoulder. "Well, you won’t help me after you finish returning to the team."
Jing Tianyou didn’t say much and soon went out to Chang ‘an.
Su Haisheng looked at Jing Tianyou and took a deep breath. He reorganized an army with full mind and made the army attack in the northwest.
Chapter 572 "Hope" in despair
Jing Tianyou’s army attacked Chang ‘an halfway and joined the army to tell the news. Zhang Yuejing, who had arrived, was very happy.
It is impossible to say that Zhang Yuejing has no idea of competing with Su Haisheng.
Both of them are Su Yonglin’s old department, but they are still different.
Su Haisheng is a lucky person. Although he is an orphan, he was chosen by the Su family to grow up with Su Yonglin from an early age. It is considered that the Su family and Su Yonglin have no blood relationship but have real brotherhood.
The so-called advantage of the moon is something that others can’t envy.
They were the first to follow Su Yonglin, and they were also the first to be photographed and guided by Su Yonglin, the first to receive education, and the first to be influenced by Su Yonglin into his supporters.
Correspondingly, Su Yonglin knows them best and knows them best. When they are capable, they will naturally have a special sense of trust.
Don’t say that at present, leading the army to fight against Su Jue and Su Haisheng to engage in intelligence. Su Yin and Su Changsheng can even lead the most elite samurai army into Su Yonglin’s pro-health general to directly protect Su Yonglin’s security. Su Yonglin is Su Yonglin’s No.1 confidant.
Everyone is envious that they later joined the Su’s private salt group and smuggled salt with Su Yonglin.
Envy them for following Su Yonglin very early, envy them that Su is a true confidant, and then they naturally got the glow around Su Yonglin first, and some people joked that they were Su Jiajun.
When Su Yonglin first decided to order Su Jue and Su Haisheng to leave the Corps Commander together, many people really felt uncomfortable in their hearts.
Because Su Jue and Su Haisheng, the former one who led troops with Su Yonglin and the one who was in charge of staying in the rear area were not considered as outstanding types. Compared with them, many people were not inferior. They could take up positions and others felt that they could take on them.
But they were still killed
At that time, some people in the military department of the retrocession said sarcastically that Su Yonglin still believed in his own people.
However, Su Jue’s troops in Liaodong opened up the situation and killed the pseudo-emperor Su Haisheng of Xu Jin Guo. He single-handedly defeated Hedong in more than 20 wars, which fully demonstrated their ability to be trusted by Su Yonglin. This is the way to let the former got people realize that this is Su Yonglin’s eye for people.
Despite this, Zhang Yuejing, the first commander of the army who was ordered to be the commander of the corps, was unwilling to admit that his military level was not as good as Su Haisheng and Su Jue.
So Zhang Yuejing asked the army to speed up its March, not to give 8 Jin J a chance to react and organize a counterattack, and to take Chang ‘an as soon as possible to win the first prize in the conquest.
Zhou received orders to March quickly for several days, and even Huayin, Zhengxian and Weinan counties broke into Jingzhao House, which really threatened Chang ‘an.
At the same time, it was only when Shan Hexi learned that Tong was lost that he was in a hurry to organize remedial measures. When someone reported it again, he was shocked that the pioneer of the Guangfu Army had conquered Weinan County and entered the Jingzhao House, pointing directly at Chang’ an.
Panic ACTS Shan He Xi ordered Wan Daliangshun to lead 5,000 troops to defend Lintong.
He tried to establish a defense line in Lintong to temporarily stop the momentum of the Guangfu Army’s March and strive for a little defense, so that Chang ‘an could make preparations and decide whether to leave or stay.
But he didn’t expect Daliang Shungen not to die.
When he learned the news, Da Liangshun tried to avoid the battle under the cover of illness, but the disciple Shan Hexigen did not allow him to avoid it.
"When the general of the country was in peril, it was people like you and me who needed to come out to save the situation. How can you be afraid of fighting because of some trivial things? If you don’t go, I’ll cut you off now! "
Acts Shan Hexi personally came to intimidate Da Liangshun Da Liangshun Kenai to take orders.
However, after he led the troops to leave Chang ‘an, he turned directly to the north, then turned west and fled in the direction of Fengxiang House, and the root did not go to Lintong.
"Hum! Want me to die? I’m not! This old guy is getting more and more confused. He wants to die. Don’t pull me! "
Daliangshun lost a word and killed the disciples. Shan Hexi sent the prison army and fled with the soldiers who also didn’t want to die.