"Ahem … it’s ridiculous for Dad and Lao Niang to act before, but it’s also self-protection. I’m afraid I would have been killed by them if I hadn’t done that, but I’ve really found some good things over the years, such as the one who said that Mr. Wang sold my secret book, but you didn’t read it, but it’s extraordinary for me. I’ve seen both of them, and I think it’s really high, not to mention that it’s true or false. You’ll feel reasonable after reading it." Xu Renxian is also not good to explain

June 23, 2024

"Son, you won’t joke with me? You can’t practice and think it’s a good skill. Let’s practice. Do you think your mother has a long life? " Qin mengru has a face of nai, and although it has changed a lot recently, how to act is still so absurd.
"Mom, I think you are biased against me. I give you something and you question me without even looking at it. I think this is wrong." Xu Ren cheated. Anyway, he is used to it. It is simple and practical here.
"All right, all right, I’ll leave your mother’s life to you." Qin Mengru is also willing to turn over Xu Ren to study too Qing Xuangong seriously
I wish Qin Mengru wanted to do something to coax her. I didn’t expect to be deeply attracted by it when I saw it. I couldn’t help but run around in the way required by Taiqing Xuangong.
Hum! ……
Qin Mengru suddenly issued a strong spiritual force fluctuation, followed by her breath transient several times stronger.
Not only the breath has changed, but also the temperament has changed. The whole body exudes a dignified and elegant temperament that people can’t help but worship.
"Return to the Yuan Dynasty. This is the return to the Yuan Dynasty!" Qin Mengru took a deep breath and felt that she was dreaming.
It’s been a long time since Qin Mengru practiced to gather the nine peaks of the spirit realm, but there has been no movement after the repair. I didn’t expect to finish reading Taiqing Xuangong’s master plan today and actually break through to the dream of returning to Yuan realm.
Xu Tianlong is more incredible than Qin Mengru, but he doesn’t ask much, holding his thunder Xuangong and watching it.
Qin Mengru’s situation is similar. Xu Tianlong also made his own breakthrough after watching the general program of Thunder Xuangong.
The difference is that Xu Tianlong’s breakthrough movement is greater than that of the courtyard where they live, and there is a faint thunder.
"Son, you are the greatest blessing of my parents in this life. I didn’t expect that after you have such a vision, what did you see? I bought it and my parents supported you." Xu Tianlong and Qin Mengru were so excited that tears came to their eyes. Now who dares to say that his son is a waste? That’s called being foolish when you are foolish.
"Dad, mom, don’t do this. I’m embarrassed. Now believe that I have the achievement method. Then go to practice quickly. I’m counting on you to let me rest in peace for the second half of my life. In addition, I have to wonder how to find some weapons for you. It’s not enough. How can I get the instrument to deserve your status as a monk in Yuan Dynasty?" Xu Ren smiled like a flower with a triumphant face
"My mother really knows that you are a thoughtful child, and I’m white about many things. It’s also good for us that you don’t want to tell us the truth, but don’t be too hard on yourself. You and your parents are a family, and we should shoulder everything together." Qin Mengru looked at her son and felt a little sad the other day, but she felt real, but recently she always felt that her son was walking with a mountain on his back. Although the surface looked strange in the past, a woman’s intuition told her that her son was really tired.
Xu Ren also admired his old mother and said that women’s intuition must be unreasonable. Now it’s true that his old mother is so.
"Mom, I know you can rest assured that I will always be a girl." Xu Ren put away his smile and looked very serious at the moment.
"Okay, okay, look at the two of you coming to the big event. It happened that you got so sad. Let’s talk about it later." Xu Tianlong saw that the atmosphere was a little heavy and busy.
"Dad’s right. Now that our family is doing well, let’s leave it alone." Xu Ren smiled. He also felt that his father made a lot of sense. He grew up and listened to what Dad said. It’s the most reasonable sentence. If you are drunk now, you will be sad tomorrow. Anyway, you will have a hard time every day. Will you be happy every day?
"It’s not good to report the main event!" Just when Xu Ren felt that his father’s words made sense, a family reporter came outside.
"What’s the matter? I haven’t seen the three of us chatting happily!" Xu Tianlong pushed the door and frowning drink a way
"The master really had an accident. Sir Zhong took a youngest son to take refuge in Dujia." The newspaper worker said with a nervous face.
Xu Tianlong came in a good mood, but after hearing the news, he became very lost. After thinking for a moment, he shook his head and sighed, "I won’t care about any kindred feelings after I leave."
"Master Shi not only took refuge in Du Jia, but also took the big elders and five elders to Du Jia …" The reporter hesitated here.
"What else? What could be worse? " Xu Tianlong sink a way
"My master Sir Zhong, the big elders and the five elders have also taken away most of the refiners and alchemists in our family. I’m afraid those shops in Donghua County don’t have enough utensils and pills to sell." The telegrapher’s words are shaking because these things have dealt a great blow to the Xu family.
In Daning Dynasty, besides Jingdan Pavilion selling pills, some pills were sold in shops of various families, and there were also shops of magic weapons halls of every family, which could be sold to the outside world. All family departments would raise some alchemists and refiners. These people’s strength is directly proportional to the family strength. The stronger the family strength, the more advanced alchemists and refiners can be invited.
However, the strength of Donghua County family can be invited to be one or two alchemists and refiners, which is a pity. These people are also a source of family fortune.
Now, Xu Tian Sable and the family elders and the five elders have taken away most of the alchemists and refiners of the Xu family, which is a fatal blow to the Xu family.
Chapter 29 solved
The reporter is afraid that things are too big today. He is worried that Xu Tianlong, the owner of the house, will be furious after hearing this.
"well! ….. "Xu Tianlong suppressed his anger in his heart. To tell the truth, Xu Tian mink took refuge in Dujia, and he was not angry. Even the elders of the clan and the five elders also took refuge in Dujia. He was still not so angry, but these three people took away almost all the alchemists and refiners of the Xu family, which made Xu Tianlong angry.
"You go first. The householder’s free solution doesn’t panic. Our Donghua County store won’t open the door and will do better than before." Xu Ren saw that his father was angry and was afraid that his temper would get out of hand and let the telegraph operator leave.
"Yes!" The newspaper reporter fled the courtyard where Xu Tianlong lived as if he had been pardoned.
"Dad is not in a hurry to think about it from another angle. It is not necessarily a bad thing to be taken away by Xu Tian Sable, Xu Tianchuan and Xu Tianhu. The Xu family has already lost their awe of you. In this case, they will go away." Xu Ren’s own father poured a cup of tea and then slowly analyzed.
"alas! ….. I naturally know that this situation is the eye. I am afraid that our Xu family will suffer heavy losses. So many Xu brothers will complain about me as a householder! " Xu Tianlong very nai as if this moment becomes old.
"Dad, you don’t have to worry. To be honest, I really don’t have a look at those alchemists in Xu’s family. They are arrogant and arrogant all day, and they are annoying. Instead, we can be quiet. We can also re-select a group of people from Xu’s brother and train them into alchemists." Xu Renshi has already made up his mind to leave. You can’t keep regrets. It’s better to train a group of trustworthy people yourself.
"Words are so said, but it’s even worse to train so many alchemists. Even if we have the heart to train, can this gap be filled? We can’t really let our Dan pharmacies close down! " Xu Tianlong is not as optimistic as Xu Ren. He has to plan the future of the Xu family and can’t look at the present.
"Dad, did you forget something? Dan medicine is not a problem for me now. It’s just a few dirty Dan medicines. It’s hard to find a few Jingdange alchemists to refine them. "Xu Ren is confident that Jingdange will let Jingdange alchemists refine some dirty Dan medicines!
"Yes, yes, just now, I was in a hurry and forgot you. Wu Shuang, the main steward of Jingdan Pavilion and Liuge Pavilion, is in charge. If you ask them for help, it can really solve our urgent need for Dan medicine." Xu Tianlong finally smiled as if life had hope again.
"Look at you as an adult, and you haven’t calmed down yet. You, the householder, have to study hard." Qin Mengru saw Xu Tianlong relax and smiled.
"Well, it’s not the kui that I, Xu Tianlong, proved to be shine on you and better than blue." Xu Tianlong laughed and talked about having children. He was really proud.
"Dan medicine problem is solved, but there is still the problem of refiner. Although I don’t have many shops selling every device in the Xu family, it is a pity that I have given up making money." Xu Tianlong hasn’t been happy for a long time to solve the problem of pharmacist, and he remembered the headache of refiner.
Xu Ren does have close contacts with Jingdan Pavilion on weekdays. Recently, it seems that Wanbao Building has also had contacts, but there is no contact with the magic palace. It is said that Xu Jiaxian still faces a problem, that is, the lack of refiners.
"Dad, you don’t have to worry about refining devices. Have you forgotten that I took out those magic devices? Everything can be put in the store as a treasure of ordinary magic devices. That would be easier. Give me a day to ensure that all the stores can be filled." Xu Ren is confident. Now Xiao Jinshan is a master of refining devices, but even a half-step device can be refined. It is not a problem to make a dozen or twenty pieces a day. What’s worse, Xu Ren himself did not give him enough magic stones for nothing. His output will not be less than that of Xiao Jinshan, a master of refining devices.
"Well, I didn’t expect that I, the householder, could do nothing in the end and had to rely on myself to turn the tide." Is Xu Tianlong in a complicated mood? I’m sure I’m happy. Who will be unhappy with someone as promising as Xu Ren? But I am happy and a little lost. It seems that everything has to be solved in the end. I occupy the position of master, but I can’t help anything.
"Dad, I am your son, and my contribution is equal to your contribution. There is not a saying that’ Dad has something to do for him!’ Isn’t it time to contribute now? "Xu Ren know his dad thought that the average person is a little older. It’s like this to look at his own son and be happy. Naturally, he is happy, but it’s hard to think back on himself and feel a little lost.
"I haven’t heard of your sentence. I know that there is a sentence" I have something to do "but you don’t have that sentence." Xu Tianlong was finally relieved by Xu Ren dialect.
"As the same, the apprentice still needs the help of the master, and it’s nothing for Dad to run a leg." Xu Ren also smiled. This happy atmosphere made him feel very comfortable
"All right, all right, you two should get down to business. Since our son has a way to contact the refining master, then we can’t be too stingy. We will take out a part of the refining materials treasured in the family to see what the master likes, so let him just pick and choose what is left to help us make all kinds of utensils and spirit wares in Xujialian." The woman Qin Mengru thought more carefully. She thought it was mutual benefit and long-term cooperation, but it was not a hammer sale back and forth.
"That makes sense. I’ll arrange it." Xu Tianlong said, "Take Xu Ren to Xujiabao.
Even when Xu Tianlong took Xu Rengang to leave the hospital, the reporter outside came again
Xu Tianlong was startled and asked, "What happened again?"
The reporter was shocked and stunned before he said, "This is a good thing for the master. The visit of the master of Jingdange Liuge and the chief steward of Wu Shuang also brought several alchemists to dress up."
Xu Tianlong slightly one leng didn’t expect Jingdan Pavilion to come so quickly and even brought an alchemist.
"I will meet it myself!" Xu Tianlong also forgot the family treasure house and quickly took Xu Ren and walked out.
"I have seen Liu Ge’s supervisor." At the door, Xu Tianlong was waiting for Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang to salute with fuels.
"It’s very kind of the householder. We can’t afford to come here today. I heard that the Xu family had some troubles and specially brought some people to be sent by the householder." Wu Shuang, the chief steward, said that he would introduce people around him to Xu Tianlong one by one.